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Is Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Right For Me?

January 03, 2021 4 min read

Is Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Right For Me?

Kids are suffering right now. They are having a hard time adapting, and school is more difficult than ever. Have you ever thought about how you can help your child or students if you are a parent or teacher during these times? Perhaps you’re looking for ways to generate income that are flexible and adaptable through COVID realities?

The Flow and Grow 95-Hour Yoga Teacher Training will help you and the kids you love cope and begin to heal, as well to generate income in a way that fits your schedule and your needs. We will breathe, move, reflect, connect, and dive into our personal practices to help ourselves and the ones we love.


Ok, great...what are past trainees saying? What did they get out of the training? 

“Thank you so much for giving me this skill! It feels so good to be able to provide these kiddos with what they truly need. So serendipitous, I just said to my husband ‘this is my calling’[;] I was meant to provide children the overall wellness they need through health education, mindfulness, and yoga” -- Heather, foundations of kids yoga spring 2020 participant

“It’s crazy how things line up. For me, I had no idea I’d be sitting here with you, taking a teacher training. Blows my mind in so many ways. So, I’m just glad you’re here and doing what you do. It’s helping me as a mom, a parent, a teacher, in yoga in general, in self-care. So yeah, thank you!” --Summer 2020 participant

“Move AND Learn! My favorite part about my 95-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is that we get to MOVE! We don’t just sit and talk during our sessions, but we actually put ourselves in the shoes of the kiddos we will be working with! Not only is it fun and refreshing, but it reminds us that we always can use a brain break just like the kiddos need!” --Leigh, Fall 2020 participant

Foundations group Fall 2020


What’s the scheduling and structure of the training? 

Lara, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Teacher Trainer and Founder/Director, meets with trainees over Zoom a few times weekly, for a few hours (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-8 EST)  You can join from anywhere, from the comfort of your home! Trainees engage in discussion, experientials, breakout groups for more targeted and intimate conversation, and more.

Each course has a practice video assignment, to which Lara gives very detailed and specific feedback -- so that you get the practice and constructive critique to go forward as the best teacher you can be! You may also choose to do a few videos targeted at your goals rather than do one for each module, it’s up to you.

If you can’t make certain sessions, no problem -- everyone gets lifetime access to the recordings! Past trainees have found the video watching experience full of learning as well:  

“I am almost done with the video from last night. I LOVED all of the ideas [you shared]! What a great class! I am so happy I watched the replay this morning because I have my first middle school class tonight and your experience with [a] 12 year old has really given me some great ideas.” --Josie, Fall 2020


Got it...what do we actually study in the training?  

Great question. We can’t put it better than Teacher Training Graduate Ava Dussault: 

Video about all the content you get

Stay tuned to our social channels this month, as well, as we share more about the curriculum content in each course!


That’s all great! Do I have to take the whole 95-hour training?   

While the 95-hour training puts you on the best professional path in kids yoga, you can certainly mix-and-match from our eleven courses to create a training experience that best serves you. You can also start with our Foundations of Kids Yoga course and continue on the 95-hour track at another time.  


Do you have financing plans available?  

Yes!When you click the course to purchase on the website, it will allow you to use Affirm to finance your payment method throughout the course! Reach out to us via social or emaillara@flowandgrowkidsyoga.com with any further questions there. You can also sign up for the Foundations Course and decide to continue on for the 95-hour training if you love it.


I’d love to hear more about Lara!  

Lara Hocheiser is a kids yoga and mindfulness teacher, teacher trainer and early childhood specialist. She’s passionate about yoga philosophy and sharing yoga with kids, families, educators, and caregivers so that they can feel and do their best. “Lifelong healthy habits” is what she seeks to share and instill in others. She can speak to her experience in this work best: 

“I have taught more than 10,000 hours of early childhood yoga classes in over 50 schools. I have trained over 300 people to become kids yoga teachers, and worked with people in 5 continents! I also have been a panelist  and presenter at the National Kids Yoga Conference before about teaching practices online and I will be doing this again on kids yoga philosophy in February!” --Lara 

A couple last notes:  

Spring 2020 cohort

Apart from all of the learning, sharing, and curiosity the experience of a Flow and Grow Kids Yoga training is, well, a blast -- we have so much fun!  

Do you have further questions? Do you want to find out more to know if this training is right for you? Look no further! Usethis link below to book a call with Lara at any time. You will be able to talk about concerns and questions you may have! 

Our Winter 2021 Training begins on January 19th --  We look forward to learning, sharing, flowing, and growing with you soon! 

Lara Hocheiser, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Teacher Trainer and Director

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