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Partnerships with Schools

Chair Yoga Sequence. Mountain pose, Chair pose, forward fold. Cow pose, seated spinal twist, pigeon. Chair pose variations with Lara Hocheiser of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga

Self-Care and More for School Staff

We work with educational organizations serving all levels of educator, from daycare to higher education.

Lara Hocheiser presenting on Community Helpers in kindergarten

Student Programming

We offer virtual and in person yoga and mindfulness programs before, during, and after school. We currently have teachers in NY, MA, CT, NC, SC, RI, and more. Please reach out for more information.


warrior 2 - social emotional learning slide/powerpoint - "I am powerful"
warrior 2 - social emotional learning slide/powerpoint - "I am powerful"

What we offer educators and schools:

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Reach out to let us know what your school needs. We work virtually and in person with educators, school staff, and student at all grade levels.

Kids yoga and mindfulness student programming.

Educator professional development and teacher training.

Mindfulness certification.