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Kid’s Sun Salutation Yoga Cards

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The Sun Salutation Sequence is a great way to start the day or any yoga practice! It helps children feel present and stress-free while drawing energy like the heat of the sun. We often use Sun Salutations to create a flow of movement from one pose to the next. Try this as the perfect warm-up for any yoga practice, to get your kids ready for school, or as an after-school activity to burn off extra energy.

Learn the Sun Salutation in a fun, easy way!

Our playful Sun Salutation Sequence and song are perfect for children ages 4 and older. This variation of the Sun Salutation features safe, child-friendly poses in an order that they can safely transition from one pose to another gracefully. Complete with beautifully-illustrated poses and step-by-step instructions, use the Sun Salutation deck to learn each of the poses. Also included is a Sun Salutation song to sing along with!

Sun Salutation Song and Yoga Cards for Kids

Sing along with us! Enjoy the lyrics of this sequence as a mnemonic device to remember the sequence for years to come. Try it as call and response when leading children of any age 4 years and up.


  • Ten (10) yoga printable yoga cards, complete with how-to instruction for kids

  • Sun Salutation Song lyric poster

  • Tips and activities for teaching the Sun Salutation sequence

  • Daily Practice Journal and Journaling sheets to reflect on your practice

Yoga teachers and educators, enjoy printing as many decks as you have students. Save money and spread the yoga love.

Wake up happy, healthy, and ready to go with the Sun Salutation sequence. Use this deck at home, school, park, or when traveling!

The Sun Salutation Sequence is a 19-page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print out onto paper. If printed, we recommend cutting out each card and taping/gluing on a 4x6 index card or card stock. For added durability, laminate each card.