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Kid safe sun salutations! #selfcaresaturday

September 25, 2020 3 min read

Kid safe sun salutations! #selfcaresaturday

Wake up call!

A great way to wake up your mind and body is the sun salutation. The sun salutation pose sequence can be a challenge for adults and children because it requires us to hold plank and low push up positions. Many people can’t do those positions safely so to protect kids’ growing bodies, I made a safer variation for them.

This child-safe sun salutation skips the poses where form often suffers and instead replaces them with poses more people can do to make it safe and accessible.

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View the Video! Learn How to use the free download and teach this sequence safely. Add in call-and-response when you're with live children!

Sun salutation tips:

🌞 Do the sequence slowly the first time, learning the form of the poses

🌞 Go a little quicker the second time, adding the poetry line for each pose as a  call-and-response

🌞 Do it a third time, using the poetry again as a call-and-response

🌞 Once the children have it memorized, have them take turns teaching it. Bonus if they can remember without looking at the words!

🌞 Use a rhythmic voice

🌞 After practicing, have everyone take a mindful seat and turn their attention inward. 

Questions to ask:

☝ What do you notice about your temperature? 

☝ What do you notice about your overall energetic state? 

☝ Do you feel more energized?

☝ Take a few moments to allow the children to discuss their experience.


If the children noticed they felt more awake and yet relaxed, you can point to the sun salutation as a good possible activity to do before something important, such as a big test. Or even as a way to start their mindful morning routine. 

A sun salutations study showed a group of students who practiced daily movement using the sun salutations flow for only two weeksreported a quiet mind, feelings of rest and joy, and less worry” compared to a group who did not practice. Bringing the mind and body together helps boost mood and awareness. 




What’s coming next week? Easily distracted? You might need a brain break! Next week we’ll be taking a brain break with star tracing breathing!

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