Sun Salutation Yoga Cards
Sun Salutation Yoga Cards
Sun Salutation Yoga Cards
Sun Salutation Yoga Cards

What's Included?

  • Ten (10) yoga printable yoga cards, complete with how-to instruction for kids
  • Sun Salutation Song lyric poster
  • Tips and activities for teaching the Sun Salutation sequence
  • Daily Practice Journal and Journaling sheets to reflect on your practice

Sun Salutation Yoga Cards


Digital Download: This is a PDF digital resource which will be available for download upon purchase!

The Sun Salutation, made for kids

I love to open every class with the Sun Salutation. It's a great and popular way to warm up the body and calm the mind. Try this as the perfect warm-up for any yoga practice, to get your kids ready for school, or as an after-school activity to burn off extra energy.

Our playful Sun Salutation Sequence and song are perfect for children ages 4 and older. Our variation of the Sun Salutation features safe, child-friendly poses in an order that they can safely transition from one pose to another gracefully. 

Perfect for yogis of any skill level -- our sun salutation is the most simple yet effective, yoga pose sequence for children.

Sing along with our yoga cards!

Our Sun Salutation Yoga cards gives you everything you need to confidently teach the sun salutation to children. You get 12 beautifully-illustrated yoga cards, step-by-step instructions (made for kids!), daily practice journal, and our popular Sun Salutation song. 

Kids will LOVE singing along with our song. Enjoy the lyrics of this sequence as a mnemonic device to remember the sequence for years to come. Try it as call and response when leading children of any age 4 years and up.

Why the Sun Salutation for kids?

The Sun Salutation is a traditional yogic warm up that used to show gratitude to the sun. We use the Sun Salutation to warm up our bodies, minds, and gain energy -- just like the sun!

After years of teaching the Sun Salutation to children, I wanted to develop a version that even the youngest yogis can enjoy. And to capture children’s interest and imagination, I developed a song that you can sing along while flowing.

With the Sun Salutation, kids will:
- Tone muscles and build strength as they flow through the sequence
- Improve memory and concentration
- Have a calmer mind and improve focus
- Learn how to connect breath with movement
- Develop a yoga practice
- Have fun!

Wake up happy, healthy, and ready to go with the Sun Salutation sequence.

Use this deck at home, school, park, or when traveling! This sequence is perfect to do as morning/nighttime routines, breaks between classes, or as a full yoga class.

This digital resource will guide you every step of flowing through the Sun Salutation. The yoga cards and poster will give visual aid to children and will help them learn the cues of each pose.

- For beginners, start slow and teach each pose.
- Sing along to give auditory cues on each pose. Over time kids will learn to memorize it. Kids can refer to the poster when needed!
- Give children the opportunity to lead. Once kids have mastered the song and sequence, have them teach it to others.
- Flow through the sequence, first slow (focusing on breath) and then faster. Kids will learn this sequence and repeat on their own. (My students love to go faster and faster!)

Other ways to use:
- Place the yoga cards in your peace corner
so that kids can do poses individually when they need a mindful moment
- Play a game: print out 2 copies of the deck and play Match the Cards. Once you match a card, do the pose! Or simply pick a card and strike the pose!
- Add a theme: kids love thematic lessons. Add a theme together by writing a yoga story or connecting with animals, seasons, or places.

So roll out your yoga mats, get in a big circle, and let's salute to the sun!

Whether a longtime yogi, or brand new to yoga, this new sequence is designed to allow each person the freedom to move at a comfortable pace. Play with doing it slowly, then quickly, then in the middle! Find a pace you like.

This activity is safe for anyone 2 and over. The poem is for kids pre-k and up. And it is safe for children who don’t have the core strength development required to safely practice planks and low push-ups. You will be amazed at the gracefulness of a child transitioning between these poses. And it's fun!

We've heard great stories from educators, kids yoga teachers, physical therapists, and parents who have used this resource for kids of all ages! 

Yoga teachers and educators, enjoy printing as many decks as you have students. Save money and spread the yoga love.

Wake up happy, healthy, and ready to go with the Sun Salutation sequence. Use this deck at home, school, park, or when traveling!

The Sun Salutation Sequence is a 19-page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print out onto paper. If printed, we recommend cutting out each card and taping/gluing on a 4x6 index card or card stock. For added durability, laminate each card.

  • Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no returns or refunds.
  • Each license (purchase) is valid for one person or classroom. For bulk orders, please contact us.
  • This PDF file may not be distributed to others

Good morning, Sun, and thank you for lighting the world today!