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by Lara Hocheiser October 09, 2020 3 min read


When we feel distracted, it can be hard to get things done. Whether you are a child in school, a parent, teacher, oranyone with a brain, distraction happens! 

It’s a normal occurrence to become lost in thought. It happens to many of us that when we are looking something up online, we get distracted and end up clicking our way off track. It can happen to children in class that are lost in thought when the teacher calls on them.

When we notice we have lost our focus, we can call it back with a breathing activity! We will try a gentle brain break called Star Tracing. If the kids we love get distracted, don’t embarrass them, guide them back with this simple activity. After all, the definition of mindfulness is to notice when our minds have wandered and to bring our thoughts back with kindness and curiosity.

Star Tracing is made to bring back the focus gently. Let’s take our focus back!

Download it here!

Tips for Teachers:

Star tracing can be taught by a teacher on a smartboard, virtually, or by passing out copies of this worksheet to students. Alternatively, you can trace imaginary stars OR use painters tape to make stars on floors or desks.

When practicing this, go slow. Repeat it a few times. Make sure to check in with how it felt for everyone. Some people will notice they feel more focused and others may not notice or may not feel that way. Validate all people’s experiences and share you own. 

Continue to offer star tracing during instruction time with regularity and do not ask students to do so independently until they have had some repeat exposure with your guidance. 

Leave a copy of the star tracing in your peace corner once the children are familiar so they can use star tracing anytime they notice their attention has wandered. 



Tips for Parents

Introduce star tracing as a fun activity. Try it out together a few times.

Afterwards, you can mention that this activity can help draw the attention and focus back. Ask your child to talk about a time they were unfocused. Now have them try star tracing again and notice how they feel. Connect the feeling of focus they may be experiencing to future times they will become distracted.

Empower your kiddos by practicing this a few times, by placing the star tracing worksheet in a visible place. And then help your child take ownership of their attention by asking, “next time you get distracted, what will you do?” Whether they choose star tracing or another idea, we can be so proud they are taking action to notice and recover from distraction. 

To learn more mindfulness activities, you can join us in the foundations of children’s yoga course, integrating mindfulness into the school day, or get a copy of the curriculum “How to Integrate Mindfulness Into the School Day.” Though framed for educators, these activities can be applied at home and in therapeutics settings, too.

What’s coming next week?

Do you dread transitions with little ones? Next week we'll have tools and tips to help you guide children through transitions with more ease, calm, and joy! 


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Want to learn more about teaching mindfulness & self-care to children? 

The Foundations of Children’s Yoga

Integrating Mindfulness into the School Day: This course explores how to practice little m mindfulness. Whether you are working in a school or not, this workshop will help you create a structure around mindfulness, breathing, and self-regulation in your work with children. Take it live online, or catch the replay

Self-Care for Children: In this course, we explore a framework for self-care for children, while examining your own practices. Take it live, or catch the replay!

95-hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training


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