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by Lara Hocheiser February 01, 2021 3 min read

So many Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Teacher Training graduates, of either the Foundations Course or the 95-hour training, hit the ground running after completing training; they graduate fired up to share the work of kids yoga and mindfulness in their communities, in the ways only they can! Fall 2020 95-hour Cohort Graduate Natalie "Nat" Aiello is certainly no exception there.

She's impacting her local community through offering kids yoga and mindfulness for various ages, and also sharing her expertise in grant writing to the wider kids yoga and mindfulness community. We're featuring Nat in this installment of our blog series on what our training graduates are up to -- how they're bringing their training forward into the world, what impact they're making, and more.

Nat is teaching Mindfulness and Yoga classes for all ages infant to teenager -- including for infants/caregivers, Toddler/Preschool, early and mid-elementary (K-5) and tweens/teens (middle and high school). She's even found ways to safely teach in-person during these COVID times!

"My classes have been going great!," she says. "I’ve had some great feedback from parents who bring their kids, and classes are growing," she adds. "My videos from class have been shared in some local schools, and I have a few teachers requesting some more videos for their classrooms," she says. She's currently teaching in two towns, at four different studios, and has been invited to teach kids yoga in two additional studios in surrounding towns. Her own kids are enjoying her classes, as well, she shares! 

Going forward, Nat hopes to introduce Mindfulness and Yoga for kids in her local community and surrounding communities in a fun, safe and positive environment, she shares. She's also found an aerial yoga for kids instructor who offers a training, which she hopes to take -- and from there bring the form to older groups of kids. 

Nat's business logo 


Nat is also a professional grant writer, and will be speaking on grant writing at the National Kids Yoga Conference! Here's Nat on her grant writing work: 

"I am a 4-H Youth Development Educator and have been for over 10 years.  I write many grants to support 4-H programs locally, such as youth camps, short term programs, and annual summer programs. Most of the time, the grants cover the cost of supplies, facility charges, and transportation. I have written and administered grants that covered wages for assistants also, but never my own because I am in a paid position. I have also volunteered to write grants for other local programs/non profits. These included building/structural grants for a local youth camp facility.  

Sometimes, in my community collaborations with programs, I find it much easier to submit grants through other non profits and bypass submitting through the university that I work for. This route is what made me realize how I could help others who do not have a non-profit status fund collaborative programs through institutions that do...YMCA’s, schools, CYS (youth services), et cetera.  It will hopefully help yoga professionals think outside of the box and be proactive about their outreach!"


Nat recognizes the place of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga training in getting to where she is in all of these endeavors. "I would not be where I am right now without taking Lara's class. Her 95-hour training gave me all the skill and tools I needed to hit the ground running!," she says. To note: ourBusiness of Kids Yoga Course emphasizes making an impact that's uniquely you, and that being at the heart of your kids yoga and mindfulness business -- just like Nat and so many other Flow and Grow training grads are doing.  

Interested in connecting with Nat, for class options or otherwise? People can message her on Facebook or contact her for more information or if they are interested in registering for a class locally or some kind of virtual option, she says. Find her on Facebookhere, email her at yogawithnataiello@gmail.com, or call/text her at 814-594-2804. 

Interested in building a business in kids yoga and mindfulness, where you can make your own unique impact on your community and beyond? Learn more about our trainings here. Questions? Please book a call with Lara! We hope to flow, grow, share, and learn with you soon! 


Spring 2020 95-hour Training Cohort -- Winter Cohort starts on February 2nd! 

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