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Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings 

We are a Registered Children's Yoga School. 

Developed by educator and lifelong yoga practitioner Lara Hocheiser, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga is here to support you, the parents, pediatric professionals, educators, and children you love.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are now offering online trainings! All people that would like to attend live or see the recording WILL receive Yoga Alliance credits YACEP or hours toward your 95-hour RCYT with us. If you want to be in our online training, contact Lara at Lara@flowandgrowkidsyoga.com. 

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Our most popular training is now online! Learn the skills and confidence to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. Our comprehensive training focuses on yoga, mindfulness, and the social-emotional development of children. Graduates will leave our training equipped with new tools to create engaging and captivating yoga experiences for kids of all ages. Those interested in leading yoga programming for children are taught to create dynamic curriculum to stimulate, empower, calm and strengthen our next generation.
18 hours total contact hours or goes toward your RCYT with Yoga Alliance
Comes with Kids Yoga Teacher Training PDF manual 

Note, we meet 5 times and the remaining 3 hours involve watching kids yoga videos, virtual in a small group, and recording and sending in a brief presentation.

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5 sessions
July 7-9 | 5pm-8:30pm
July 11-12 | 10:30am-1:30pm

Registration: $425

Our 18-hour course gives you the skills and confidence to teach yoga and mindfulness to children.

Learn how to connect and teach kids yoga, while having fun and finding your inner child! Our teacher training is perfect for anyone who loves children. Our comprehensive training focuses on yoga, mindfulness, and the social-emotional development of children. Graduates will leave our training equipped with new tools to create engaging and captivating yoga experiences for kids of all ages.

What are the benefits to children?

  • Learn to make sound decisions
  • Improve behavior outcomes
  • Develop compassion toward the self and others
  • Sustained attention and the ability to regain attention once lost
  • Increased self and social awareness
  • Increased flexibility - both mentally and physically
  • Stronger, more balanced bodies
  • Take more personal responsibility for actions
  • Conscious decision-making to make positive impacts on the community through service and kindness

Real Results: During the Boston Marathon terror attack in 2013, 11-year-old Audrey reported that she used breathing to calm herself during the lockdown. Later when the yoga class was back in session she told us, “I was so scared. I thought about what you would tell me to do. I remembered to breathe in and out slowly. I was shaking, but I did it anyway. I am so grateful I could breathe through it.”

“I cannot stop thinking of the gift you have given to me to be a better teacher and yoga practitioner. You are the best.” -
Heather P. Middle School Teacher

Make a positive impact on the mental, physical, and social-emotional lives of children.

Imagine all the children you can support once you take this course.

Our comprehensive training will equip you with the tools you need to teach yoga and mindfulness to kids ages 2-18

For Yoga Teachers, Educators, Parents, and Specialists

Many people ask us, who is this training for? We have people from all sorts of occupations and backgrounds attend our Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings. We work with those looking to empower the little ones their lives with tools to form lifelong healthy habits. Attendees have varying experiences with yoga and mindfulness–no prerequisites required!

  • Teachers
  • Home-schoolers
  • Parents, Grandparents, Caretakers
  • Social workers
  • Counselors
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Behavioral Therapists
  • Camp Counselor
  • Teens
  • College Students
  • Medical Professionals

Why Kids Yoga?


We know that it’s hard to focus in the increasingly-stimulating and distracting world we live in. Let’s intentionally carve out some reflection-time for our kids to get to know their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. With the increased awareness, children can make better decisions about how to respond in every situation.

With yoga philosophy, social-emotional learning is amplified. We can support children to adopt value sets that the yogis have been embodying and disseminating for years. Kindness, truthfulness, generosity, cleanliness, and more. This will improve their relationships with themselves, the community, and the planet.

With the poses of yoga, children gain more grace, balance, and command of their bodies. With the breath, they can calm down, energize, or sustain themselves. And with our help, these tools can be accessed at any time. Let’s build a future together where self-care, movement, stillness, and relaxation are held in regard along with academia.

Story:Years ago, in a parking lot behind a daycare, a mom stopped Lara to thank her. She said, “I was about to have a total meltdown. My 3-year-old son Owen stopped me and taught me how to do volcano breathing. He is barely verbal. He helped me calm down. I love yoga.”

What happens at a Flow and Grow Kids Teacher Training?

We laugh. We learn. We play. Together.

We start with a deep dive into you first.Because you can only teach what you know. We ask you to examine your practices and take time to highlight meditations and other self-care rituals to help you feel your best, most connected version of you. Through experiential learning, movement, breath and fun, we spend the weekend finding your inner child.

  • Discover our proven methodology which will give you a framework on integrating yoga and mindfulness into daily life
  • Gain insights into child development and how it relates to physical, cognitive and social changes in children, and how we can adapt our teaching techniques
  • Explore how yoga and mindfulness can foster a calm, regulated classroom or home
  • Dive deeper into YOU, grow your individual practice and become more mindful
  • Learn the in-and-outs of forming a yoga business, working with school administration and how to increase your earning potential

Meet Ava

What is the methodology?

7 components to teaching a class


Connecting to the self, the environment, the others in the space


Getting the mind and body in one place, warming up the body

Main Lesson

Movement and breath: the meat and potatoes of a lesson


What has been your experience? What else do you need?

Final Activities

More fun, more peace, or more rest may be in order


Methods and techniques of relaxation, mediation and breath, for kids

Closing Ritual

Encapsulate the experience and prepare for what’s next

Experiential Learning: Child Development

How does Yoga and Mindfulness look with children?

We dive into child development and the intersection of teaching yoga and mindfulness to children. How does the developing mind, body, and social needs of the child inform our teaching? What does teaching look like for each of three age ranges:

  • Early childhood children (ages 2-7)
  • Middle childhood children (ages 7-11)
  • Tween and teens (ages 11-14, 15-18)

We practice 3 demo kids yoga classes during the weekend to experience 20-30 minutes of teaching for each age range. Each person joins a group working with the same age range to plan an entire class. A portion of the class is presented back for feedback from the instructor. You leave READY to teach with your own lesson plan.

Material Support

Our Training Manual

Illustrated and thorough, our teacher training manual brings you through the entire course and leaves you with invaluable information you can use in your career.

  • Self-care practices
  • Mediations and practices for deep rest
  • Communication guidelines
  • Behavior management, praise, tips, and pitfalls
  • Child development for children 2-7, 7-11, 11-18
  • Self-assessment to examine what other experiences you might need
  • Three (3) lesson plans and lesson planners
  • Poses for relaxation, warming up, energizing, empowerment, balancing, and more
  • Partner poses and language about consent
  • Additional activities for professional development

Join our FGKY Graduates Community

connect, inspire, and grow

All graduates are included in a private Facebook group where they can share victories, ask for support, look for job opportunities, and stay close to the lead trainer, Lara.

Upon completion of this course, many people are ready to teach. Especially those with a background in education or yoga, because they have so much experience. Some may need more support.

”I’m still on a high after the past weekend! Lara came all the way upstate to offer her Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Teacher Training and all of the participants absolutely loved it. It’s motivated many to embark on the journey to become a certified yoga instructor by doing the 200 hour training. It was clearly an inspirational weekend!
— Karen Score, Owner of Yoga Mandali 

Mentorship and Consulting Support

Get the support you need

Sometimes graduates want more support. If you desire mentorship to start a new business or kids yoga program, we can help. Not everyone that takes the course simply does children’s yoga programming. Some become authors, content contributors, presenters, and business owners. We can continue to support you through our mentorship program. Graduates can do a mentorship with Lara at a discounted rate.

All those enrolled in mentorship receive 35% off the shop. Some people do just one monthly call, while others stay on for more than a year. It’s your journey.

How can we help you? You get 30 minutes to ask anything. We can make SMART goals, go over your plan, or I can just listen.

Why Yoga and Mindfulness?

The growing body of research showing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children. Flow and Grow Kids Yoga has been working in schools with children and educators since 2012 and we have seen firsthand the shift that takes place with regular, incremental exposure to these tools.

About our Training

After teaching Spanish immersion preschool and integrating yoga and SEL into the curriculum, Lara realized the BEST moments she had with her students were the ones spent breathing, connecting, and understanding each other. Those moments steeped in social-emotional learning, movement, and breath were transformative for the students and for Lara, too. The need to bring this content to more students, schools, educators, and parents became apparent and in 2012, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga was born. Once student programming was established, the community of parents and teachers asked to be taught too. The answer was this foundations course. Since then, we have worked with over 3,500 students and have seen that sustained exposure and practice to these tools can be life-altering.

We have served in more than 50 schools, trained more than 350 educators, and offered this foundations course more than 30 times. Based in New York City and founded in Boston, this training has reached people in 2 countries, 5 U.S. states, and online across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to the course?
Is there required reading?
Can I use this course for continuing ed credits toward Yoga Alliance?
Is this course appropriate for teachers?
Will I be able to teach kids yoga after the course is over?
What if I never plan to teach kids yoga, should I still attend?
Can I take this course if I am not a registered yoga teacher?
Do I need insurance to teach kids yoga?
Does this course count toward the 95-hour RCYT (registered children’s yoga teacher?)
Do I need to have a 95-hour RCYT to teach?
Will you have more course modules that make up a 95-hour RCYT?

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teacher training was absolutely wonderful! Hands down one of the best, most positive and inspiring weekends of my life! Lara is outstanding. She has an enormous amount of yoga knowledge and a vast understanding of children and their needs. Lara is kind and nurturing. She also provided us with many laughs! Lara offered helpful insight from her own personal experience and many years of teaching. The training has ignited a passion inside me to teach all children the beauty, power, balance and harmony of yoga!”
— Meghan G.