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Spring Yoga Sequence: Free Poster!

June 11, 2017 1 min read

Spring Yoga Sequence: Free Poster!

Happy spring yogis!

Enjoy this 5 pose yoga sequence of things we see in Spring. The following poses are designed to encourage movement and creativity as we transition from Winter to Spring. It’s time to explore the outdoors and be more active throughout the day. 

Try this sequence with your children or they can practice on their own–the printable cards are available in our Shop for only $9.95! 

Spring Kids Yoga Sequence: Card Deck

Use the printable poster and cards in your class or at home. 

  1. This five-part yoga sequence is perfect for kids, teens, and adults to do together. Each pose is meant to encourage movement and exploration.

  2. Print out the cards.

  3. For the cards, cut each pose and tape or glue onto a 4x6 index card or construction paper.

  4. Optional: Have the goal of being able to self-teach the poses after some practice and eventually to be able to teach others without reading.

Download your free Spring Yoga Poster now!


  • Rainbow
  • Flower
  • Snake
  • Mouse
  • Turtle

Additional Activities:

Use your senses this spring: As you walk outdoors, listenfor the sounds from animals. Lookfor any animals or other signs of spring you may see.What does the outside smell like? If it’s raining, can you taste a raindrop in your mouth? Toucha flower, what did it feel like?

What is something you look forward to in the spring? Write or draw it and share with a friend!

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