Inspire Kids to Write with Story Mountain


Mountain PoseWriting stories together can be a great exercise for little ones to develop storytelling, literacy and writing skills. We love to let kids explore their creativity by coming up with their own stories. Connect storytelling and yoga by asking kids to write stories about their favorite yoga poses. Let's try writing one with Mountain Pose.

Before writing the story, ask kids to plan their story. By planning a story, children put their thoughts in order and then can use that inspiration to write it. To help children to understand the structure of a story, use our Story Mountain template to help plan your story. For younger kids, ask them about each part of the story.

1. To inspire your story's plot, use writing prompts.

Write a story about a time you or someone you know was strong like a mountain. This can be a time you or someone you know faced a problem that you solved.

2. Plan your story with our Story Mountain template.

  1. Start with the beginning - introduce your characters and setting of your story. Who is the main character? Where are you, what is the setting?

  2. Then, write the build-up - what is happening in the story? How is this story building up to the problem you are going to face?

  3. The problem/climax - why did you need to be strong and steady like a mountain? What problem were you facing? How did you feel?

  4. The resolution - how did you overcome the problem you faced? Think of the strength of a mountain and how felt when you solved your problem.

  5. Last, the ending - what did you learn from overcoming your problem? Did any characters change?

Use our story mountain template to help kids write.

3. Read your story together and use feedback to edit your story.

Encourage your kids to read the story out loud. Does it flow well? Does it make sense from beginning to end? Give feedback. Let your kids know that constructive criticism is a helpful tool to improve their story. 

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