Spring Sequence Yoga Cards
Spring Sequence Yoga Cards
Spring Sequence Yoga Cards

Spring Sequence Yoga Cards

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Digital Download: This is a PDF digital resource which will be available for download upon purchase!

The Spring season is often a time for children to play outside, participate in outdoor sports, and enjoy the feeling of being outside in the fresh air. 

Children come to understand the world through what they experience in nature. Invoking the elements of nature during the Spring will help them learn vocabulary that enables improved communication. What do you like about springtime? What changes do you notice outside?

The poses we chose are a sample of things found in nature such as the turtle, the rainbow, and the flower. The poses are fun and accessible to most people. We recommend having fun while exploring these poses. Don't overemphasize the form of the pose, rather focus on the energy the children put behind their participation.

One fun tip: When exploring turtle pose, invoke the feeling of feeling shy or overwhelmed. Retreat into the shell until you are ready to join the others. Then when you are ready, come out of your shell, sit up tall, look around and take the world in.

Enjoy these poses with the children you love!

Spring Printable Yoga Pose Cards for Kids

Learn five (5) spring-themed yoga poses with our Spring Sequence Printable Yoga Cards. Written for children, it is the perfect tool for kids to develop their own yoga and mindfulness practice. Also included are three spring crafts to get your creativity flowing! Let’s get moving and mindful!


  • Printable yoga deck to learn five (5) yoga poses

  • Spring sequence yoga poster

  • Three (3) Spring crafts with printables to get creativity flowing

  • Printable journal to reflect on your practice

Perfect for practicing anywhere! Use this deck at home, the classroom, park, or when traveling!

The Spring Yoga Sequence is a 20 page PDF download which you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print out onto paper. We recommend cutting out each card and taping/gluing on a 4x6 index card or card stock. For added durability, laminate each card. 

Our digital products are perfect for viewing on your phone or tablets! Help reduce our carbon footprint by mindfully choosing what to print. Try printing on card stock and laminate so they last for many future uses by big and little hands.