Products we love -- Spring 2021


At Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, we believe deeply in community and supporting those doing great work. Here's our first post featuring products in kids yoga and mindfulness that we love!

All of these products center our other guiding values -- diversity, representation, inclusion as well as creativity and fresh approaches. Moreover, these products underscore the power of healthy, meaningful relationships for kids/youth, families, and all who care for them -- with self and others. That's really what it's all for, in the end. 

Please check out these products and support the creators, as you're able! These wonderful thought-leaders deserve that, and you and the little ones you care for deserve to benefit from what they have to offer. Go to the linked text for each featured product to learn more and shop. As always, we appreciate you and are here for you! 


Mats from On Court Off Court


  • On Court Off Court Foldable Mat is great for schools, daycares, community centers, anywhere kids meet and do yoga...offers organized storage and fun sequencing options! 
  • "Get a Grip" Mat is a fun and durable mat for all ages. You won't be slipping and sliding during sweaty practices!

Use code FLOW15 at checkout! 

Learning and Mindfulness Products 

    Children's books that center relationships, diversity/inclusion, creativity, and fun!

      Check out our Shop for more kids yoga and mindfulness resources that are both educational and fun! Want to learn how to create your own kids yoga and mindfulness resources? Our next 95-hour training starts on June 22nd! In particular, the Business of Kids Yoga course focuses on finding your own path in the field that's both marketable and authentic to you. Email Lara at Flow and Grow Kids Yoga with any questions, or book a call with her!

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