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by Lara Hocheiser February 19, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment


Kids of Yoga Podcast

Who are you?

I’m Jessica Mougis. I’m a mom, wife, and kids yoga enthusiast. I’ve got a passion for passing yoga on to the next generation. I love and have always loved children. They’ve always seemed much wiser to me than adults!

My background is in dance -- I was a dance major in college and co-founded a modern dance company that I performed in for two years. During that time, I also taught children’s dance classes.  When I found my creative voice reach a standstill, I knew I needed a change in pace. I dropped everything and went to a small film school in Sedona, AZ. It was kind of a quarter-life crisis moment! It was an incredible and informative year for me and I learned so much not only about filmmaking but about myself as a person. One thing I learned was that I missed working with children.

When I finished up the program I went back home to the east coast (I’m originally from NJ), and moved in with my then boyfriend (now husband) in New York City. I found kids yoga that year and fell in love with it. By this point, the one consistency in my life had been my own yoga practice. I loved how with kids yoga I could be present with the kids rather than working towards a goal or a show like I did with the kids dance classes. And while it was a bumpy path to make it my career, I eventually got there and now have made it my mission to spread kids yoga wherever I can.


Why this podcast?

I created this podcast for a simple reason --- it’s the podcast I’ve been searching for and couldn’t find! I’m an avid podcast listener in my spare time, and I love the art of audio storytelling. I love the idea of kids yoga teachers driving to work or walking to the subway, and listening to a quick episode to get creative inspiration. Or the thought of someone new to kids yoga searching for information and coming across the podcast. I'd love for this podcast to inspire people.


Why now?

As 2019 was coming to a close I found myself pondering what my vision was for 2020.  2019 had been the year I had my second child, and I was beginning to feel the itch to get back to my creativity and voice outside of motherhood. This podcast had been an idea for a few years and something inside of me said it was time. Even though I doubted myself and tried to talk myself out of it, I decided it was now or never. I talked to my younger brother about it and he surprised me by sending me a high-quality microphone as a gift. That sealed the deal because now I felt accountability to follow my vision. No more excuses!


What is your vision?

My vision for this podcast is to create a community where ALL kids yoga professionals are welcome and supported. I am working towards this by conducting monthly interviews that I’m calling “Kids Yoga Perspective” episodes- of which you are apart! In these episodes we’ll get to learn from all kinds of kids yoga teachers, hear their experiences and hopefully learn and become inspired.

I also envision The Kids Yoga Podcast as a place for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in kids yoga to come to listen and learn. I aim to offer easily digestible kids yoga tidbits that can be applied right after listening. I am trying to make kids yoga knowledge as accessible as possible. I do this through my solo episodes where it’s just me talking as if the person listening were sitting right across from me. I’d also love for this to be a place where professionals working in the field can come for some creative inspiration and fresh ideas. 


Who is your community? 

My community is anyone working within the kids yoga field, anyone interested in working within the kids yoga field, parents who want to pass yoga onto their children, teachers who want to pass yoga onto their students and anyone else interested in learning more about what kids yoga is exactly.


Listen now! 

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1 Response

Yoga Poses for Two
Yoga Poses for Two

March 15, 2020

With time, there is more and more peple introducing kids to yoga. Love it, we need more generations!

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