7 Trends Predictions for Kids Yoga in 2021


By Lara Hocheiser, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Founder, Owner, and Teacher Trainer and Kathryn Boland, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Graduate and Blog Manager 

2020 really blew up the bread-and-butter business model for many kids companies, making in-person yoga programming and in-person training nearly obsolete. The industry answered this challenge with an uptick in online children’s programming and adult education in the form of 95-hour courses, workshops, training, continuing education, and more.

With the changes in how things are delivered, I expect there to be more changes in trends. Here are a handful! 


What to expect in 2021

Lara teaching a private lesson over Zoom 


  1. More customized classes for your kids

This will be a notable trend because of the social distancing that this year brought. Social distancing will remain necessary, in terms of public health, until the approved vaccines are more widely distributed. Beyond that, socially-distanced models have advantages that various sectors have recognized (the sad fact of not being able to physically connect and be together in space notwithstanding) -- being able to reach clients and audiences across the nation and across the world, for example. 

With kids yoga, those same models allow for customization to best serve the students, families, and educators at hand. Formats for socially-distanced kids yoga include small group, semi-private, private, and pods. These options allow teachers to offer just what your kids need, when they need it, for as long as they need it -- and will continue to do so. 

  1. Training for diverse yet like-minded people from the comfort of home

Through three cohorts of my 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, I’ve noticed that it brings in a special kind of person. I’ve seen that my trainees are like-minded people and kindred spirits. I’ve had students from various countries, making the cohort a support base that spans across the globe. My trainings create positive, supportive, and inspiring online communities -- while they’re in process and long after they’re done. Want to be part of such a community? My next training starts on February 2nd! 

Fall 2020 Foundations Course training over Zoom  


  1. More creative content

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Kids yoga and mindfulness teachers are committed to bringing the practice to kids, families, caregivers, and educators -- pandemic or no pandemic. Further, we know that what we do matters now more than ever. This time has led kids yoga teachers to create videos, lesson plans and cards, and downloads of all kinds. We’ve made online groups and portals/apps as other ways for students to access our content. Check out our shop with all sorts of products to help share yoga and mindfulness with the kids/youth in your life, as well as our on-demand classes on Kidpass!  

One of the many pandemic-friendly yoga products available in our shop 


  1. Tons of new online conferences, blogs, and podcasts

If it’s any indication of a wider trend, I have already been invited to speak or be a panelist at five conferences! I’ve also seen an uptick in blogs, as well as way more voices in podcasts -- I was interviewed by seven in the past year! More content doesn’t necessarily mean more good content, so make sure to use your yogic discernment when tuning in. Yet more dialogue can bring more thought leadership, inspiration, and networking. 

  1. More options for parents and children

One of my favorite parts about this training is seeing people actually follow their dreams and pursue the business side of kids yoga! Check out all of my fabulous trainees from the Spring 2020 Cohort, who have created or enhanced their own businesses!

~~Ava Dussault and her mom have started a kids yoga and mindfulness company, 2MindfulGirls, where they provide classes and resources for kids yoga classes and teachers! 

~~Brittany Stockwell, otherwise known as The Purple Violinist, has begun creating kids yoga resources and teaching yoga and mindfulness classes! 

~~Teresa Jackson already had a yoga company, The Pure Light Yoga, but recently has added children’s classes! 

~~Kathryn Boland is developing a social/emotional learning and wellness program based in yoga and mindfulness specifically for young dancers (ages 9-18), called Mindful Movers! 

~~And the lovely Amber Knight has been teaching Goat Yoga! 

And that is just some of my Spring Cohort! From the Fall Cohort, which finished only 3 weeks ago, two people have already launched their businesses, catering to their specific communities. Some have begun to make life-changing career shifts and have even gotten press coverage! Stay tuned to our blog for more news and stories about the amazing work they’re doing.  

I have trained so many people that are doing such big things, and I am so proud of them all.

Some members of the Spring 2020 cohort forging their own paths following training


  1. More professional development options for teachers across the globe

In and out of kids yoga, virtual trainings allow people across the globe to learn from various thought leaders -- those they might not have access to with only in-person options. Multiculturalism, cultural competency, and decolonization work will be key for all attending to feel seen, heard, respected, and safe. Those values and standards are therefore essential for those global offerings to succeed. Representation, inclusion, diversity, and equity are values front-and-center to Flow and Grow Kids Yoga's work (just take a look at our imagery and the spectrum of people in our community, for instance). 

Lara skill-sharing with friends in Japan

Guided by those values -- and of course best practices, collaboration, and a dynamic learning atmosphere -- Flow and Grow Kids Yoga's 95-hour training includes eleven modules: The Foundations of Kids Yoga, Yoga Tools for Social-Emotional Learning, Kids Yoga Lesson Planning, Mindful Beginnings, Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools, Anatomy and Physiology of Children's Yoga, Yoga and Mindfulness with Teens and Tweens, Yoga Philosophy for Kids, The Business of Kids Yoga, and Integrating Mindfulness into the School Day. See full class descriptions here, and reach out to Lara at lara@flowandgrowkidsyoga.com with any questions! 


  1. More global friendships

As noted, my trainings have become a space for support spanning the globe. There’s another important effect that can happen from those global connections -- relationships with people from other countries, continents, people with different mother tongues, and skin colors can strengthen antiracism. Experience with people not exactly like you builds understanding and makes their humanity clear.

Do you remember the story about the little girl throwing starfish back into the sea? She knew that she couldn’t save them all, but every single one she saved meant something. Flow and Grow Kids Yoga and the wider kids yoga field can’t exactly bring about total world peace (a la the Miss America cliche), but every person we touch can make the world just a bit kinder, more patient, and more loving.


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