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by Lara Hocheiser January 19, 2021 3 min read

Our 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training graduates have been going on amazing journeys and doing unique, important work in their own ways.

For example, Leigh is leaving her desk job to pursue a clinical role in a perinatal wellness center. She's shared that our Yoga Philosophy course led her to a moment of awakening and ultimately to shift to that different direction. Sara is teaching yoga and mindfulness in her child's school. Tina has launched a kids/mindfulness yoga class series on Zoom, and will be teaching at her daughter's daycare. Nikky launched Child's Pose Yoga, her kids yoga and mindfulness business. She sold out her first session in 24 hours! 

And that's just the Fall 2020 Cohort! In coming weeks, we'll be sharing their stories in more detail on our blog. Here we're sharing graduate Amber Knight's story. Amber was in our Spring 2020 Cohort, the first 95-hour one! We hope that you enjoy reading about her journey and learning more about her. Take it away, Amber! 


What is yoga to you? 

To me, it has been something that has constantly challenged me all the while putting a smile on my face. I have had some serious events that have caused some super amazing chapters and others that would rock anyone to the core. Although I always continued to look like I was fine, I finally broke or hit rock bottom. 

Fast forward my sister doing her mothering thing she has always done, she had just become a yoga instructor and seeing how happy it made her I really gave it a try. Lets just say I was hooked. Our mother swore by yoga when she was alive and I wish I had listened. Anyway, I am now. 

What am I up to know? I am currently recording yoga for our preschool classrooms and teaching at a goat farm. It is so amazing every time I think about it, I have a smile on my face and my heart grows. Hearing families talk about their little ones coming home showing them what they learned, and watching the little ones comfortable enough to relax, have been so fulfilling and rewarding. The giggles are always the best too! I am also currently working towards an adult and children’s virtual class offering to come soon.  

How did I get here? While enrolled in Flow and Grow Kids Yoga 95-hour Teacher Training program, with Teacher Trainer Lara Hocheiser, I was also finishing up my 200-hour yoga program. I was eager to learn more to help children, especially with the current situation out there due to COVID, job losses, and social turbulence from uprisings for justice.

I was signed up for 18-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, which had to be cancelled due to COVID. That was also when I was making some decent strides and I was about to start my own program at the preschool I work at. I won’t lie -- I was a little crushed.  Then the pandemicreally hit the US, and most people (including myself) lost their job. 

I contacted Lara if she would do something virtually. For me, this was a way to pass the time through lockdown while bettering myself. Lara was amazing -- she was willing to put together a 95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Not only is the program great, with all of the tools you need to build your kids yoga and mindfulness program, but Lara really takes time to help betteryou and your practice/teachings. She is always present and very willing to chat. 

It all really matters, because children need us now more than ever.


Amber is one of many people for whom the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga 95-hour Teacher Training has been transformational, professionally and personally. She's doing amazing work with preschool yoga and goat yoga at a farm in her Connecticut town. Keep posted on what she's doing by following her on Instagram -- @knightamberj! 

Our training intentionally puts you on a path to make the best differenceyou can make in this work, the unique contribution that onlyyou can make. Want to experience what that could be for you? Our next training starts on February 2nd, 2021. Email lara@flowandgrowkidsyoga.com with any questions! 

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