Yoga Philosophy for Kids

Examining the intersection of yoga philosophy and children’s yoga while deepening our own practices

Winter 2021: March 30, April 1, 6 3 sessions 5:00-8:20 PM EDT

Summer 2021: August 10, 11, 12, 11:00-2:20

Fall 2021: November 18, 23, 30 5-8:20 PM

Learn the yamas and niyamas and discover how to share these ideas with children

In yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas are a moral code of conduct—a guideline on how to live. Together the Yamas and Niyamas help us make careful decisions about how to think, speak, and behave. This foundational thinking prepares children to form healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Based off our most popular product, Yamas and Niyamas: Successful Relationships with Self & Others, this course focuses on how to teach yoga to children through the lens of the yamas and niyamas in a secular way appropriate for schools.

In this course, we will:
- Learn the Yamas and Niyamas and how it pertains to your personal life
- Define other yoga principles such as koshas, doshas, 5 kinds of yoga, chakras, and other important terms 
- Explore how to teach the Yamas and Niyamas through lesson plans
- Practice teaching a comprehensive lesson plan unit with facilitated discussions, yoga sequences and meditations
- Design one lesson plan and practice teaching
- Explore how group art projects can be used to learn the meaning behind the lesson
- Create an action plan for the implementation of yoga ethics int he world.

Each class includes facilitated discussion into core values, a discussion guide, small group work or activity, breathing exercises, partner poses, and yoga poses to challenge and engage children. 

Yamas include five (5) guidelines that support how we become a good friend to others, the world, and ourselves.

Niyamas include five (5) principles of being a good person. Through them, we build character, learn mindfulness and self-discipline so we can be good citizens in the world.

With the Yamas and Niyamas, chidlren can learn about kindness, honesty, and contentment, while gaining the benefits of exercise and mindfulness.

Course Details

Summer 2021: August 10, 11, 12, 11:00-2:20
Fall 2021: November 18, 23, 30 5-8:20 PM EDT

Instructor: Lara Hocheiser

You will receive:
- Video recordings 
- Yoga Philosophy for Kids manual 
- Yamas and Niyamas Bundle (value $99)

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You get:

Yamas and Niyamas Bundle
Yamas and Niyamas Bundle
Yamas and Niyamas Bundle
Yamas and Niyamas Bundle
Yamas and Niyamas Bundle
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Our Vision

Because teaching children’s yoga is much more than yoga poses, we see this course as a pathway to mature as an educator, parent, instructor, counselor, or whatever role you hold or plan to hold. Go beyond the poses by incorporating mindfulness, self-reflection and self-inquiry, art, meditation, positive self-talk, relaxation, student-lead programming, and more.