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"The Napping House" Literacy Integration Lesson Plan

March 26, 2019 1 min read

"The Napping House" Literacy Integration Lesson Plan

Hi, community,

The Napping House" Literacy Integration Lesson Plan is the PERFECT way to get your kids moving and reading this Spring.

Begin by reading the classic story, The Napping Houseby Don and Audrey Wood. As you read, have the children notice the patterns in the story. Each page contains every single character. The story starts out dark and gets brighter and brighter. It is cumulative and the kids will begin to predict what's next. What a great way to increase participation and confidence!

NEXT, read it again and do it along with the yoga flow in our downloadable product. You can practice the poses first, and then do them in order to experience the entire sequence as a moving meditation. I print a copy of the pose sequence page for every kid so they know what comes next. The kids love to take it home and try it again!

Finally, have the whole class do the rainbow pose in two rows, moving the children from the back under the arches to the front of the rainbow line in their favorite yoga pose.

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