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We believe in creating yoga and mindfulness resources to inspire children to adopt lifelong healthy habits. Through yoga and mindfulness, children can learn to regulate their emotions, learn acceptance, kindness and compassion. We create every product with these core values in mind.

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Parents, teachers and caregivers have told us many times that our tools help children enjoy exercise. They told us that their children and students have seen improvements in self-regulation, focus and empathy. Our tools are used in classrooms, studios and homes all around the world!

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Made for parents, educators, therapists or anyone who loves children!

Often we hear that teachers are looking for resources to help students combat anxiety and restlessness. Yoga and mindfulness is one way to achieve this. By using our tools, teachers have reported calmer classes and happier students. Use our activities as brain breaks, transitional activities or teach an entire class!

95-Hour Testimonial

I have zero critical feedback. You are engaging, genuine and obviously care about your students (us) and their students. I also appreciate how you work at making us feel like a group when we are all in different places. - Josie

Foundations of Kids Yoga Testimonial

Gracias! I am so inspired and so grateful for the opportunity to particpate from Mexico. You helped me with my career and my life at home with my daughter. Te Quiero! -Dani

Self-Care for Children Testimonoial

I am almost done with the video from last night. I LOVED all of the ideas shared last night! What a great class! I am so happy I watched it this morning because I have my first middle school class tonight and your experience with the 12 year old has really given me some great ideas:) -Nat

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What people are saying

“The children love it. I believe it’s made such an impact with my students - in behavior, emotional development, academic learning, and social development. What a remarkable difference!”

- Judy S.

This is cute and creative! I used it as a learning station for my kindergarten math observation. I had a small group of children doing the yoga shapes in a corner of my classroom. My Asst. Principal ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me become a better teacher! XO

- Terry W.

"I'm thrilled to have found your shop. Your content looks amazing and I hope to make some additional purchases in the future :) Thank you for sharing!"

- P.E. Teacher

Lara Hocheiser, E-RTY, RCYT, RCYS, YACEP, is the Founder of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, a Registered Children’s Yoga School, and the author of the My Yoga Workbook series, and hundreds of lesson plans, blogs, and courses. The curriculum and lesson plans Lara has written have been adopted by thousands of individuals, schools, and school districts nationwide. She has trained people from many countries, states, and cities worldwide including Mexico, Canada, Argentina, France, Japan, and 35 US states.

Lara graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Spanish from Roanoke College (Salem, VA). Lara studied yoga with Debbie Stevens, Roman Szpond, Lauren star, Daniel Max, Rebecca Pachecco, Simon-Borg Olivier, Rebecca Conant, and Tara Rachel Jones, Little Flower Yoga, Om Births, and Flower Yoga. Her mindfulness education comes from John Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, and Mindful Schools. After she received certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher, she started her own business, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, and garnered notoriety for her training programs, professional development, and student programming which are now offered globally and virtually.

Lara has trained more than 300 people in the career track of children’s yoga and mindfulness and has worked with hundreds of educators, mental health professionals, yogis and mindfulness professionals, parents, and enrichment specialists.

Lara has worked in the early childhood education sector for 19 years. She began her career as a Spanish Immersion teacher, and during that time she integrated yoga, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness into circle time. She has over 15 years of experience studying, teaching, and living the yoga path. She has taught more than 9,000 hours of early childhood yoga and mindfulness classes to date. She continues to speak at university early childhood education departments.

Lara worked full-time and a yoga and mindfulness teacher teaching hot yoga, prenatal yoga, mindfulness for educators, children's yoga to ages 0-22 for more than 5 years prior to shifting to content writing and trainings.

Lara wrote for the website from 2015-2017 on topics based on SEO and word count.

Lara has been a presenter at the National Children's Yoga Conference.

Lara’s blog won the #5 kids yoga blog worldwide, claiming this title based on editorial choice for the free, high-quality resources, illustrations of children of all walks of life, tips for parents and teachers, and interviews. She follows a secular model to teach focus, relaxation, and healthy habits to educators, parents, children, and clinicians.

Lara and her family live in Brooklyn, New York.

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