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by Lara Hocheiser April 04, 2024 4 min read

What are Easter Yoga Poses for Kids?

Easter Yoga Poses for Kids

Easter Yoga Poses are any poses you can use imagination and story telling to weave themes of Easter and Spring into a children's yoga class. 

Let's explore some Eastern yoga poses for children and tie in these themes. Read on to play along!

Easter Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga Poses are a great way for children to express different energies and embody them, too. This is also true for embodying animals. Are they hiding, running away, snuggling, nesting, hopping? Do they feel afraid? Happy? Excited? Hungry? Enacting these emotions and animal traits help children express their own experiences.

Bunny Pose:

Bunny Pose


What is Bunny Pose?

Bunny Pose is a variation on child's pose where you ask children to imagine burrowing under ground. Ask them to dig with their bunny paws, create a hole called a burrow, and later clear out all the dirt to create a nice space to live with your family. Then, take them into child's pose and ask them to rest under ground in their new special home. 


Imagination, rest, quiet, empathy for animals, flexibility, calm, self-regulation, kindness toward arnimals.

How to practice Bunny Pose

  1. Sit your bunny tail on your heels
  2. Stretch your arms and heart foward toward the floor, keeping your tail toward your heels.
  3. Rest your bunny head on the dirt.
  4. Imagine being a quiet, resting bunny. Relax and enjoy!
  5. To come out of the pose, gently lift your head and do a few bunny hops!

egg pose

Egg Pose:

What is Egg Pose?

Egg pose is another name for wind relieving pose, which is known to reduce gas and bloating. Have the kids imagine they are round like and egg as they curl into the egg pose. What might it be like to be a chic, ready to be hatch any moment? 

Benefits of egg pose

Egg pose or wind relieving pose is known to reduce gas and bloating, improve spinal and hip flexibility, and deepen the exhale.

 How to practice Egg Pose

  1. Lie on your back
  2. Curl your knees into your chest and imagine you are round like an egg.
  3. Squeeze out all of your breath.
  4. Pretend to be a little baby chic about to be born
  5. As you breathe in, hatch and stretch your body as you sit and then stand up tall.
  6. Walk around like a baby chic.
Flower yoga pose

 Flower Pose:

What is Flower Pose?

Flower yoga pose is a seated balance that is equal parts fun as it is challenging.


Flower pose strengthens the core, deepens hip flexibility, and helps improve balance and focus.

How to practice Flower Pose

  1. Sit on your bottom and put the souls of your feet together as you sit up tall.
  2. If you can, lift one leg off the ground.
  3. IF you are balanced with one off the ground, lift the other, allowing your big toes to touch in the center. 
  4. Keep your chest lifted high.
  5. Imagine you are a tall flower, growing with strong roots from the earth, petals toward the sun.
    butterfly yoga pose

Butterfly Pose:

 What is Butterfly Pose?

The butterfly pose in yoga is another name for the bound angle pose. It is a seated, symmetrical pose known to be grounding.


Butterfly or bound angle pose is grounding, lengthens the spine, and helps with hip flexibility. 

How to practice Butterfly Pose

  1. Sit up tall.
  2. Put the bottoms of your feet together and hold onto your feet.
  3. Imagine you are a beautiful butterfly.
  4. Pretend to fly by bringing the knees together toward your center and spread them back open.
baby chic yoga pose

Chick Pose:

What is Chick Pose?

Chic or baby chicken yoga pose is a funl imaginative way to explore balance and the lives of animals for children.


Chic pose allows children to practice early balancing poses in a more natural gate than a traditional yoga standing balance. It's also fun!

How to practice Chick Pose

  1. Stand up.
  2. Stretch our your wings like a little chic.
  3. See if you can balance on one foot for a moment before switching sides!
  4. Imagine you are just learning to walk as a baby chic, moving from one leg to the other.
Esatern tree pose

Tree Pose with Easter Twist:

 What is Tree Pose with Easter Twist?

Easter tree pose just requires a little imagination or observations about how trees looks and smell in the spring!


The benefits of tree pose are core strength, stability, mental and visual focus, and balance.

 How to practice Tree Pose

  1. Stand up
  2. Put your weight in one foot
  3. Lift the other foot up with your toes on the ground
  4. See if you can lift your foot up your leg a little more!
  5. Switch sides!
  6. Stretch your branches high!

 Easter Yoga Poses Game

After you practice each Easter pose, have the kids pick their favorite one to teach to a friend!

After a round of practicing teaching and learning from a friend, sit in a circle.

Each child can teach their favorite Easten yoga pose!

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