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Free Yoga Cards: After School Sequence

April 25, 2017 1 min read

Free Yoga Cards: After School Sequence

After School Yoga Sequence to empower and restore!

Back to school means that you and your children may be experiencing increased stress, stimuli, and a more hectic schedule. The following poses are designed to help you empower, restore balance, reduce the outside stimuli like light and sound, and to relax and unwind. Enjoy this sequence as an after-school ritual together with your children or they can practice on their own.

After School Yoga Card Deck for Children

Enjoy our printable yoga cards for this sequence.

  1. This four-part yoga sequence is perfect for kids, teens, and adults to do together. Each pose is meant to help unwind from the school day, boost confidence and inspire balance.

  2. Cut each pose and tape or glue onto a 4x6 index card or construction paper.

  3. Optional: Have the goal of being able to self-teach the poses after some practice and eventually to be able to teach others without reading.


Warrior I- I am powerful
Tree - I am steady. I am balanced.
Turtle - I can slow down. I am safe.
Child’s - I am connected to the earth. I am held.

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