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My Little Yogi

February 22, 2017 1 min read

My Little Yogi

Check out Flow and Grow Kids Yoga team member Stav Livne’s yoga series on YouTube!

My Little Yogi

“My Little Yogi"is a Kids Yoga exercise series that teaches mindfulness, breath, kindness, gratitude, patience, curiosity, sharing, and all feelings and emotions. We love these videos because they are playful and make yoga easy to understand! And the videos are a great way to introduce seasons and what that means for the body and mind! 


I was astonished to find more than 400K views on my kids yoga series, “My Little Yogi”! I created the show in order to make yoga accessible to children around the world– from the coziness of their living rooms. I wish to spread understanding of emotions and peace to our next generation, and I’ve found that teaching yoga to kids is my best way to help spread the message of love.

Yoga is an impeccable way to improve our awareness of self and of others around us through grace and wonderment! It’s okay to feel!
— Stav Livne


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