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by Lara Hocheiser June 05, 2019 2 min read

A Yoga and Mindfulness Assembly Experience to Bridge the Gap

Today, I was fortunate to provide two student assemblies at the King School in Stamford, Connecticut. We had two large groups of students, grades Pre-K-3 and 4-5.

We balanced the time by talking about what yoga and mindfulness mean and how they fit into the context of daily life for the students.

Children had a lot of insight on mindfulness, such as using it to become ready to learn if they feel tense or upset.

Because the yoga philosophy asks that we do no harm, we put this into action by considering how to be kind to ourselves, others, our community, and the world. Students in advance of the assembly wrote down acts of kindness which we put together into an Act of Kindness Tree. It was so beautiful when students did a Turn and Talkto discuss their plans for kindness. So many thoughtful and sweet wheels are in motion now.

I was so proud to see students focused for an hour on our important lecture, take part in mini discussion groups, try out mindfulness meditation as well as the meditation posture, practice yoga poses and breathing, and end with a relaxation. Considering the groups were 75 students each, they were quite in control of their bodies and voices.

Today our mantra was, “I am in control of my body. I am in control of my voice.” I am grateful they allowed me to take photos which I will share here.


For more information…

…about our assemblies and to book for the end of this year, for your Summer Camp, or for the Fall, please reach out to

King School had an amazing time with Lara yesterday! Our students were engaged and left buzzing about Lara's kindness program. We will certainly be reaching out to book some more programs for next year! Thank you Lara!"
- S. Morris, King School

We are offering another Yoga and Mindfulness to Cultivate Kindness at the Lincoln School in Northboro, Massachusetts this Friday. We can't wait!

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