Acts of Kindness Tree


Express kindness and gratitude with this mindful craft!

At Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, not only do we believe in yoga empowering the lives of children–we love incorporating kindness and mindfulness into our practice. We plant the seeds of love, peace, and creativity. At many of our classes, we love to incorporate art and music. Art and music is a great way to motivate expressive behavior and creativity within children. We want our kids to express themselves in different ways! Talking about feelings and attitudes is great for social-emotional development.

Here is a fun art activity for kids to express kindness and gratitude.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention" — Oscar Wilde

The Acts of Kindness Tree is a great activity for children and parents/teachers to explore acts of kindness together. It illustrates the different ways you can be kind. Helping a friend out. Picking up trash. Volunteering at a local shelter. No matter how big or small your kind deed is, it impacts the world around you.

Free Craft: Acts of Kindness Tree


  •  Acts of Kindness Tree template

  • Brown cardstock/construction paper for the trunk

  • Green cardstock/construction paper for the leaves

  • Different colored cardstock/construction paper for additional tree flowers or fruits

  • Large poster board (optional)

  • Tape

  • Markers and crayons

  • Scissors


  1. Create your Tree. Using our template, trace the trunk on brown cardstock/construction paper. Cut it out using scissors.

  2. Get leafy. Use the template to cut out a handful of leaves. This is where the kids will write their Acts of Kindness.

  3. Time to get creative! Using different colored construction paper, scissors and markers/crayons, create other elements you might find in a tree. Talk about different types of trees – feel free to add flowers, fruits or even animals that might live in your tree!

  4. Talk about Kindness. Have your kids talk about different ways to be kind:

    • You can be kind to yourself. What are ways you can be kind to your body? Talk about healthy living habits, exercise, taking time for yourself, mindfulness and meditation.

    • You can be kind to others. How can I be kind to my friends and family? How can you show your love and gratitude to them? Talk about how you can help those you know and also people you might not know.

    • You can be kind to the environment. How can I help the environment? Talk about ways to help the world – cleaning, being mindful of water and energy use

  5. Write down your Acts of Kindness. On each leaf, write down one act of kindness.

  6. Put together the Tree! On a wall or large poster board, put together the tree using tape. Place the trunk in the middle bottom and add the leaves, flowers, fruits, and animals around the tree!

  7. Additional Activity – place a sticker on the leaf once an Act of Kindness has been completed.

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