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by Lara Hocheiser July 19, 2022 3 min read 1 Comment

The miracle of my stepping away from spiritual work is the cacophonous symphony that has called me back. At first, I tried to ignore it for more "logical" pursuits, and here we are.


A thank you is in order. I needed space from this business to reconnect to my own spiritual life after a few years of deep grief drained my creative energy. The knowledge I gained in the depths of that grief was of the clarity that my own heart is capable of incredible, unquantifiable love. 


Krystal Stimus, who one year ago was a stranger that wrote to me after purchasing curriculum from my yoga education store, told me that I am her teacher and that she needed my help.

Because my dharma (obligation/duty/path) is that of a teacher and community support, we began a close relationship of zoom calls to plan what would become an incredible service project. Her multi-year grant infused yoga program was born out of these discussion. Her bravery to go for the larger grant, my bravery to step back into the role of course facilitator to enable her community to begin the process of preparing to support children in this work, it was all something I tried to push away. Even though our calls brought me such joy, I wanted to run from it. But why?


After we, together, put on a soul-awakening community event in Rochester at the Assisi Institute, I realized the truth. I must continue my role as spiritual teacher, but not as my single source of income. Rather, as what moves me and is deeply ingrained in who I am.



Arriving home after the successful, warming, soul-awakening event, I woke up to the depth of my spiritual growth. I was finally ready to bring spiritual living to my home around the clock.


My 5.5 year old child, a spiritual being and old soul, has been responsive and excited to join me on this path. She wakes up asking to do our zen gardening together. She goes to bed arranging her altar. She is beginning to be curious about intention. There are tears in my eyes of gratitude that I am able to live this way. To be this in nature. To not sell. To not pretend or put on airs. To simply live the path. That is my moment and explains my long silence on this blog.


Thank you to Isha Das and Vicki for hosting me at the Assisi Institute. Thank you for all of Krystal's community members for being so open to learning beyond the appearance of yoga. Thank you to Christianni, who gave me the gift of yoga asana and yoga philosophy. And to the others that led us in Kirtan, asana, and dharma talks.

A special thanks to Serena Viktor for teaching me about anti racism and African Tribal wisdom practices in western psycho therapy.


These individuals, their beautiful space, garden, and community brought me back into my truest self.


To those of you wishing for my teachings, you will have to contact me directly. I am not selling group courses. I am here to support individuals and communities as they spread the teachings to their secular or nonsecular communities. 


From my full, loving heart,



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Karen Munger
Karen Munger

April 29, 2023

Well that was short lived🫤

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