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by Lara Hocheiser June 22, 2021 3 min read

By Kathryn Boland, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Blog Manager and 95-Hour Training Graduate 

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga training graduates are taking big steps and doing great things -- and  Julissa Salgado is certainly one of them! She recently opened up a brick and mortar studio for yoga for all ages, Pilates, massage, and pelvic therapy in Morganville, NJ. We’re so proud of her and so excited to see her business grow! Learn more about ithere


We chatted with Julissa to learn more about training with Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, opening a new brick-and-mortar, and more. Take it away, Julissa!

KB: Congrats on starting a brick-and-mortar right now -- certainly a courageous act in this economic climate that's full of uncertainty! What led you to take the leap? How did your vision for your business take shape? 

AS: We purchased this property in early 2021. Part of the property was a studio in the past that dealt with special needs children, there would be special events held for them. I thought the space was perfect to start my own yoga/Pilates and massage/therapy place.I already had privates and classes held at my private home and so the idea was to transition these clients into a bigger space.


KB: Were there particular things you learned in the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga training that you believe will help you grow a successful and impactful business? How do you think the training might be part of how you work as a wellness business owner, if at all? 

AS: The training with Flow and Grow Kids inspired me even more to add kids yoga at my place. There are no other places near my studio that offer this kind of yoga. This training was unique, Lara gave us step to step guidance of how we can present these classes to our children. Before this training I had no idea of the true meaning of kids yoga.  

I have learned the philosophy and ways to specifically present them to our kids during class, for example the greeting, the connection, the warm ups, the actual yoga poses via reading a book, singing a song, or creating obstacle courses, and creating a soothing closing for our kids. Our kids always learn something new that they can share with their loved ones at home. 

KB: Your business offers many different fitness/movement/wellness modalities, for various ages. Is there a guiding mission that unites these various services? 

AS: The business will be very successful, I had the vision from a long time ago and now it's just all coming to reality. As for the Flow and Grow training, it's excellent. I had so much fun attending, listening, and interacting in the classes. There is an amazing connection that was created in this class along with Lara and the students. I strongly recommend this training to anyone that wants to know more about children's yoga.

Want to gain the knowledge and inspiration to take your own big leap? Our Summer 2021 Foundations of Kids Yoga course tonight. Take it individually or as part of our 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, in the summer or fall!

One of the modules, The Business of Kids Yoga, guides you in investigating what venture in kids yoga and mindfulness could be fulfilling and lucrative for you -- according to *your* interests, skills, and the like.

Questions? Email the Teacher Trainer Lara Hocheiser at lara@flowandgrowkidsyoga.com, or book a call with her here!

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