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Slow Down Sensory Snack

October 10, 2016 2 min read

Slow Down Sensory Snack

Mindful Moment Activity: Slow Down Sensory Snack

About the Activity:

We often don’t have time to slow down and enjoy our food. Being busy or stressed out can prevent us from truly enjoying our food. You have the power to decide to make time for a mindful moment. 

With mindfulness, you can change your relationship with how you taste and enjoy food. Using your 5 senses to pay close attention to your experience, you can become aware of how enjoyable eating can be. And the benefits of slowing down are proven. When we see and smell our food and allow the mouth to salivate, the digestive process is less work for our bodies than if we scarf down our food. Therefore the benefits are both physical and mental.

Try this activity alone or share with your friends, family, classmates, or even teachers.

How to:

First, select a healthy snack such as a fruit, vegetable, or something else available to you. Take one small piece and hold it in your hand.

Engaging the senses:

  • How does the food feel in your hand? What is the texture and weight?

  • What is the appearance of the food? What colors are present? What is its size?

  • Can you smell the food? Bring it closer to you, take a sniff and notice the aroma of the food.

  • Have you begun to salivate?

  • Do you notice you are feeling anticipation and excitement to eat the food?

Now, place the food in your mouth but do not chew.

  • What is happening with the saliva in your mouth?

  • What do you notice you are thinking?

  • Do you want to start chewing?

Remember to go slowly now.

Begin to chew, listening to the sounds inside your mouth. Chew thoroughly.

  • How does the food taste?

  • Does the flavor seem stronger than when you have previously eaten the same snack?

  • What does it feel like as it moves around your mouth?

Slowly swallow the bite of food. Notice how it feels as it goes down the throat and into the stomach. What is the temperature in your belly?

Reflect on your experience by drawing, journaling, sitting with your thoughts, or having a dialogue with a friend.

Slow Down Sensory Snack: Mindfulness Activity for Children

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