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by Lara Hocheiser March 24, 2023 3 min read

Waking up from Hibernation - Kids Yoga Ideas

 Yoga Poses for kids! Spring edition 2023

Contents of the article:

  • Yoga for the shift from winter to spring 
  • Kids Yoga sequence ideas for late winter, early spring, and spring
  • Warm and Cozy Kids Yoga Sequence
  • Spring Yoga Poses for Kids
  • Benefits of Kids Yoga all Year
  • Sun Salutation for Kids with Miss Lara
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Shifting Seasons - Time to change up your yoga practice

In the winter, its important to do a warming, awakening yoga practice to combat the cold lethargy of winter. When working with kids, we can weave these Ayurvedic principals into our classes without giving too many details. Something as simple as explaining that our bodies seek balance so we add warming practices during the cold season can provide all the context they need.

In the winter, you can start with sun salutations as a warming practice to help create alert, energized awareness for the children you support.

Though, it is important to offer a balanced class, so make sure to close classes with cooling relaxation practices, like our winter yoga sequence or time for me calming cards.

Time for Me Calming Yoga Cards for Kids  Kids Yoga Spring Lesson Thumbnail Image

Spring can still be a chilly time. So you may want to offer something to warm up children's bodies while still keeping them calm. As a teacher, I often noticed that children started to get more antsy, fidgety, and excited as the seasons shifted. The sequence below is an alternative to sun salutation if you need something warming, yet grounding.


Enjoy a Kids Yoga Sequence to get Warm and Cozy

Cozy Kids Yoga Pose Sequence:

  1. Cow pose- From your hands and knees, round your spine, lifting your belly up, arching toward the ceiling and you stretch your from your tailbone to the crown of your head toward the ground
  2. Cat pose - From cow pose, inhale as you bring your tail, heart , chin, and gaze up toward the sky and your belly relaxes toward the ground.
  3. Dog pose - From cat yoga pose, lengthen your spine into a flat table top, press into your hands firm as you can, and press your tail into the sky. Make your body long, relax your head, and feel your shoulders, hands, and feet support you. Option to rest in child's pose from here, or start again with cow pose.

Spring Yoga Poses for Kids

(These ones are featured in the spring yoga poses and lesson plan unit, too!)

  1. Rainbow pose
  2. Flower Pose
  3. Snake Pose (Cobra)
  4. Mouse Pose (Child's pose)
  5. Turtle Pose

Activity idea! Using only this poster, ask the children to teach each other this pose sequence! If you want help with creating a lesson plan, try the spring yoga sequence or year of yoga lesson plans.

Spring Yoga Poses: Rainbow pose, flower pose, cobra pose, child's pose (mouse), and turtle pose 

When Spring Comes - Grab the classic book and enjoy the complementary story! Includes partner poses and more! 

When spring comes yoga for kids lesson plan

Benefits of Kids Yoga any time of the year

  1. Children gain mind-body awareness and connection.
  2. Children learn to understand cues from their bodies.
  3. Movement is necessary for children to succeed and learn.
  4. Tools to unlock concentration as the pressures of academia and external stimuli steal their focus.
  5. Kids can learn to create a sanctuary inside themselves.

Sun Salutation Pose Sequence with Miss Lara


Love yoga poses for kids? Which ones?

we encourage you to leave comments! 




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