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Jack-o-Lantern Apple Stamps

October 17, 2018 1 min read

Jack-o-Lantern Apple Stamps

Are you ready for some spooky Halloween fun? We’re so excited to share with you our Spooky Halloween Yoga Game. The Spooky Walk is a call and response style seated marching yoga game to get kids ready for Halloween. It has been one of the most popular activities of all my years of teaching.

Spooky Halloween also contains Halloween-themed activities including activities, games, and crafts to get into the Halloween spirit! Learn nine yoga poses and spooky breathing exercises. To get those creative juices flowing, we’ve included five coloring pages.

Here is a ghoulish craft from our Spooky Halloween packet. Purchase Spooky Halloween today in our shop!

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Jack-o-Lantern Apple Stamps 

Pumpkin Apple Stamp


  • Paper

  • Apples

  • Orange paint

  • Green paint

  • Black marker

  • Water

  • Paintbrushes

  • Paper plates

  • Knife


  1. On a paper plate, pour orange paint.

  2. Cut an apple in half using a knife (one apple will create 2 stamps). Pat the apple dry.

  3. Take one apple half. Using the inside of the apple, dip it in the orange paint. Cover the apple surface with orange paint.

  4. Stamp the apple on a white sheet of paper. Press down for a few seconds.

  5. Lift it up and you will have a pumpkin shape!

  6. Using the green paint, use a paintbrush to paint a leaf and stem. Let dry.

  7. Once dry, use a black marker to draw jack-o-lantern faces! Try out different emotions – is your jack-o-lantern spooky, silly, or happy?


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