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A Fun, Mindful Halloween Yoga March Game

October 07, 2019 1 min read

A Fun, Mindful Halloween Yoga March Game

Children are always ready for it to be Halloween. 

I’ve heard them for years. “Miss Lara, I LOVE to dress up.” “Miss Lara, What will you be for Halloween this year? “Miss Lara, do you know what I’m going to be (for Halloween?)


They anticipate the holiday with joy and they embrace the fun of being scared.

Practicing with difficult emotions is actually important social-emotional work!

Every year when I do the Halloween yoga lessons, the children LOVE to talk about emotions, dressing up, monsters, the good guys, superheroes, and so many other archetypes of human-ness. These characters help children understand right and wrong and emotions from a safe distance. It allows them to let messages in.

Tips for play:

  • I usually give time to talk about a time each of us was scared.
  • Then we pretend to be scared and notice where we feel it in our bodies.
  • We pay attention to what our friend's faces look like when they are scared.
  • We identify emojis that look scared. 

The Spooky Walk lesson plan brings in lots of best practice for kids:

  • repetition
  • emotion play (social-emotional learning)
  • sequencing/order of events
  • sequencing from beginning to end and end to beginning
  • dramatic play
  • fun

These are the reasons participation goes WAY UP during this unit and the kids ask for it over and over again.

Great for:

  • Early childhood classes
  • Elementary classes
  • After School groups
  • Kids Yoga Classes and parties
  • Parents and Kids to do  

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