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Spooky Halloween : Yoga Games and Activities for kids

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Happy Halloween! Kids love to explore the world of all that is scary in a safe way. The Spooky Walk is a call-and-response style seated marching yoga game to get kids in the Halloween spirit. It has been one of the most popular activities of all my years of teaching. I hope you love it!

A spooky, fun yoga game kids will love!

When we do this song and game, we get to explore the emotion of being afraid in a safe space. You can take the time to explain that it’s all pretend and give kids practice with the vocabulary related to Halloween and being afraid. Words such as scary, ghost, escape, safety, and pretend are all good words to practice prior to this activity. If you have very young or extra sensitive kids, please take the time to make sure they feel safe and know this is just to pretend prior to starting.

Spooky Halloween contains Halloween-themed activities including our yoga game, crafts, and coloring pages to get into the Halloween spirit! Learn nine yoga poses and spooky breathing exercises.

Designed for kids ages 2-10, this activity packet includes:

  • The Spooky Walk call-and-response game instructions
  • Instructions to learn nine (9) yoga poses 
  • Halloween-themed activities including breathing exercises, crafts, and group activities
  • Five (5) spooktacular coloring pages
  • The Spooky Walk yoga poster

Spooky Halloween is a 15-page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print out onto paper.