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Holiday Craft: Gingerbread Person Tree Pose

December 23, 2019 1 min read

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Holiday Craft: Gingerbread Person Tree Pose

Gingerbread Person Tree Pose

The holiday season can be a busy and eventful experience. Take the time to slow down with your kids by learning new poses and getting into the spirit with a fun holiday craft. By taking the time to slow down we can relax and breathe.

Dress up and decorate your very own gingerbread person in Tree Pose. Tree Pose is great for balancing and improving concentration. Stability comes from tightening and lengthening the core. Invite your child, after school perhaps, to learn and practice Tree Pose (click here for more info on this pose).



    1. Print out our Gingerbread person printable coloring page.
    2. Color and decorate your gingerbread person and dress-up accessories.
    3. Using scissors, cut out the gingerbread person and dress-up accessories. 
    4. Use glue or tape to dress up your gingerbread person!
Optional: Use glue or tape to attach the string to the back of your gingerbread person. Hang it on your tree or around your house!

Additional Activity

Draw How You Feel

  1. Invite your child to think about how they are feeling right now. Happy, sad, excited, angry, loving or scared – or if you are feeling a different way. However, you are feeling is okay.
  2. Draw that expression on your gingerbread person. 
  3. Reflect on your drawing. Now, how do you feel?

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