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by Lara Hocheiser August 26, 2021 3 min read


With all of the turmoil and change out there in the world right now, have you wondered if it’s time for a new passion? You might be one of many people who have lately begun to look inwards and reassess your life. Children’s yoga and mindfulness is a career that brings joy and passion to teachers worldwide. Might it be right for you too? Here are five signs that you may need a new passion. 

  1. You’ve been doing the same job a long time and need a spark. 

The sense of excitement and fulfillment that we feel from a job, or even a larger career path, can wear off over time. We can question if it’s time for something new -- after all, that “fire” for our work can be essential for showing up everyday, putting in 110%, and truly making a difference.

         Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Founder/Owner Lara Hochesier at work!

         2. You’re lacking a sense or purpose or passion. 

Ever noticed that you’re “going through the motions,” your focus on the mundane and everyday -- rather than on a larger vision for yourself, your community, or the world? That can feel gray, dull, and monotonous. It’s not the most enjoyable way to live, to say in the least! 


           3.   You want to make an impact that you can see.

Humans naturally have an altruistic impulse -- in other words, we want to improve the lives of other beings. In some professions, it can be hard to see the tangible impact of our hard work. We know that it feels good to see people smile and confirm for us that we’ve been helpful for them -- what if that feeling was part of your workday, day in and day out? 

           Flow and Grow Kids Yoga graduates all in their own endeavors

following training! 


           4. You need a creative outlet.

Humans also have a natural creative impulse. We like to create things that express and is informed by who we are and what we’ve experienced. When we’re in a job that doesn’t offer creative opportunities, that part of us lies dormant -- and we can feel like there’s something missing, maybe something we can’t quite put our finger on. 


          5. You love yoga!

Maybe you go to a yoga class every so often and wish it could bemoreoften. Maybe you’re a hardcore yogi in the studio most days of the week. Either way, you know that yoga lights you up and helps to heal what ails you. What if the practice could be part of your everyday work, and you could bepaid for sharing something that you love? 

Through teaching kids yoga and mindfulness, it can be and you can be! Could that be right for you? We at Flow and Grow Kids Yoga think it truly might be!

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga trainees together over Zoom


Our next 95-hour training kicks off on September 14th, 2021 -- you might just owe it to yourself to learn more! Take the whole training, the Foundations course, or mix and match any of the eleven modules as best serves you. With specific interest in personal growth and deeper questions like purpose, check out our Yoga Philosophy for Kids course!

And we have payment plans to keep it more financially accessible! Questions? Email Lara at flowandgrowkidsyoga.com, or book a call with her here! We can't wait to flow, grow, learn, and share this meaningful work with you!

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