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Learn from an experienced yoga instructor and award-winning business owner, Lara Hochesier. Explore our proven methodologies and powerful business strategies. Understand how to build and grow your business, whether it's online or in studios, classrooms, or camps – we cover it all.


This course is meant to help deepen your practice while growing your career or business. This is the most personalized and interactive course. We want to connect and give you tangible feedback to grow YOU!


We believe in building and empowering our community of graduates. This course will support your journey in the space of kids yoga and mindfulness - together we can grow the next generation of yogis.

We make world-class curriculum, lesson plans, and yoga content for children, instructors, teachers, and parents. 

Children of all sizes and skin tones represented.
Evidence shows that forming healthy habits through yoga, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning helps kids to:

  • Increase physical strength, and flexibility
  • Manage emotions (self-management)
  • Understand the emotions of others (empathy)
  • Build confidence inside the classroom and out


ALL CONTENT IS PDF, We can also print the manuals, laminate them
and ship them to you( IN US ONLY) for an extra of $489.

The Foundations of Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Our 18-hour course gives you the skills and confidence to learn how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. This training focuses on yoga, mindfulness, and the social-emotional development of children. Graduates will leave our training equipped with new tools to create engaging and captivating yoga experiences for kids of all ages

You will get a 77-page manual that is not for sale


Yoga Philosophy For Kids

Based off our most popular product, Yamas and Niyamas: Successful Relationships with Self & Others, this course focuses on how to teach yoga to children through the lens of the yamas and niyamas in a secular way appropriate for schools. We also explore the tridosha, the triguna, and ethics.

You get a 22-page exclusive manual to deeper their knowledge of yoga philosophy and learn to incorporate it into teachings as well as the $100 value Yamas and Niyamas product bundle, 82 pages, from the store


The Business of Kids Yoga

In this course, we plan and practice creating your company's roadmap and vision for the next 6 months and 5 years. We explore case studies of successful kids yoga professionals, businesses, enrichment companies, and content creators you can learn from. Learn from Lara Hocheiser, who is the award-winning author of the My Yoga Workbook series and Founder of Flow and Grow Kids

You get an exclusive 40-page manual that comes with case studies, examples, business models, goal setting opportunities, stories from Lara, and more.


Integrating Mindfulness Into The School Day

Explore how mindfulness can improve self-regulation, self-awareness, autonomy, and social awareness in the classroom. Blended with proven research and best practices, this manual contains tools enabling teachers and students to build key skills like focus, compassion, and self-acceptance through mindfulness

You get a 44-page manual (store product) with more than 18 activities, worksheets, planners, and information on implementation on a curriculum

You also get a slideshow which is exclusive to the training they can use on a Smart board or teaching virtually
You Also Get Mindful Moments Printable Cards


Yoga and Mindfulness with Tweens/teens

Learn how working with teens is different, what to expect when working with children ages 11-18, and how to adapt to working with them. We will cover developmental stages of tweens/teens and how movement, mindfulness, breathing practices, games, and relaxation exercises can support growth, self-awareness, resilience, positive thinking, and health/wellness.

You get the love and compassion lesson plan unit (store product) as well as a workbook and slideshow made by Jeremy Wood with a Masters in human anatomy and Physiology as well as a 500-hour E-RYT (experienced yoga teacher and Flow and Grow Kids Yoga graduate) This product is exclusive to this training


Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools

During the course, you will learn about relationships with administrators, school staff, students, and more. Discover the different kinds of work in schools as a subcontractor, part-time, or full-time employee. Learn how to do professional development workshops, assemblies, and more

You get a manual (exclusive to the training) they get a 37-page manual to help them navigate working in school settings, how to choose which business model and schools will work for them, and what language and behavior are appropriate inside. They learn how to create successful, long-term programs before, during, and after school


Yoga Tools For Social-Emotional Learning

This workshop weaves yoga teachings with social-emotional learning practices that help children deal with strong emotions as they arise throughout the day. Learn breathing techniques, yoga postures, and mantras for each of four big emotions young children deal with on a daily basis.

You get a 2-page illustrated handout


Mindful Beginnings

During the course, you will learn insights on child development and how to apply those practices at home, in the yoga studio or in the classroom. We will dive into components of teaching a class including how to work with babies, infants and preschoolers and learning age-appropriate yoga postures, poses, and holds

You get a 100-page pdf textbook that is illustrated and photographed, worth $100 teaching you to teach yoga and mindfulness to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in educational, yoga, and virtual settings

You Also Get Cool Dragon Yoga Cards


Anatomy and Physiology Poses and Cueing

We developed this class to explore the developmental changes children experience, what this means for kids yoga, and how to effectively teach yoga. Through this course, we understand the effects of exercise and postures on all systems of the body. We use a lens of eastern and western views to explore more deeply. Learn how to safely and effectively practice and teach postures while minimizing risk of injury.

You get an exclusive 29-page Comprehensive Pose manual, as well as 2 exclusive training items made by Jeremy Wood, anatomy expert, and E-RCYT 500. You receive a workbook and slideshow to learn yoga anatomy


Kids Yoga Lesson Planning

This course explores methods and lesson planning techniques to develop compelling, creative, meaningful (while fun!) lessons for kids of all ages. Learn how to plan lessons based on our Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teaching methodology. Write and practice teaching a lesson plan for your desired age group and setting.

You get the Year of Yoga bundle, which includes yoga lessons for all 4 seasons for the age ranges 2-7, 7-11, and tween/teen to celebrate nature and our connection to the planet through yoga, a store product worth $44, as well as a 35-page manual, exclusive to this course. The manual equips you to plan lesson plan units for all kinds of learners. We explore learning styles, deeper our understanding of the teaching methodology, and apply the knowledge to leave ready to plan for our classes across many settings.


Self Care For Children

Through this class, we will look at different areas of self-care and how we can make the most of it with our busy schedules. We will explore areas such as meditation, sleep, movement, breath, time management and daily routines

You get a 40-page manual full of activities and more than 10 worksheets as well as the My Body and Caring for Myself (store product containing a Student workbook, teacher manual, pose index, and slide show) worth over $100)