Kids Yoga Lesson Planning

Creating a foundation for teaching with ease, flexibility, passion and confidence.

Winter 2021: Tuesday/Thursday April 20, 22 |  5:00-8:00 PM EDT
Summer 2021: July 6, 7 from 11:00-2:00
Fall 2021:October 19, 21 5-8 PM EDT

This course explores methods and lesson planning techniques to develop compelling, creative, meaningful (while fun!) lessons for kids of all ages.

How do you keep children engaged in yoga classes?

How do you adapt lessons for children of all learning styles?

How do you effectively plan a lesson while keeping it fun and compelling? 

Learn how to plan lessons based on our Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teaching methodology. Write and practice teaching a lesson plan for your desired age group and setting.

Through this course, we will:
- Learn the different styles of learning and how to teach to children that are auditory, visual, kinetic, linguistic
- Explore styles of learning based in educational best practices and steeped in yoga tradition
- Deep dive into how we can help students of different learning styles.
- Plan lessons and practice implementing those styles for your specific learners
- Learn what makes a great lesson plan
- How to develop and write your own lesson plans
- Get insight on how we develop our lesson plans, filled with tips and methodologies on how to make your own

A good lesson plan is a foundation for teaching with ease, flexibility, passion, and confidence. Imagine having a few lesson plans more or less memorized that you can pull from at any time. Wouldn’t that take away from thinking too much on your feet and allow for you to effortlessly offer familiar content that you know inside and out? Take it from me, I write lesson plans and hardly ever use them 100%. I make them create a blueprint and then weave the other activities I am fluent in the living, breathing being that is a children’s yoga class.

Feel free to teach them exactly as they come/you create them while you are learning them, or if you are in a formal, vertical teaching environment where you must be sequential. In some teaching environments, especially working in public schools, you likely have to create a whole year's worth of units in the summer to reach learning objectives. If you get a job that fits in that category, learning to plan more formally with backward planning will be effective. We will explore that approach, along with different teaching templates. We will review the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga methodology and see how it can be adapted for different environments, purposes, and lengths of time

Course Details

2 evening sessions (6 hour total course)


Summer 2021: July 6, 7 from 11:00-2:00
Fall 2021
: Thursday Oct 19 & 21 5-8 PM EDT
Winter 2021: April 20, 22 5:00-8:00 PM EDT

Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm EST
Instructor: Lara Hocheiser

You will receive:
- Video recordings of both sessions
- Year of Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle: 12 total lessons. 4 seasons, 3 age groupings ($49.95 value)
- Love and Compassion Lesson Plan for Teens/Tweens ($15 value)
- Lesson Planning Manual: comprehensive manual built for this course outlining learning objectives ($49.95 value) 

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Our Vision

Because teaching children’s yoga is much more than yoga poses, we see this course as a pathway to mature as an educator, parent, instructor, counselor, or whatever role you hold or plan to hold. Go beyond the poses by incorporating mindfulness, self-reflection and self-inquiry, art, meditation, positive self-talk, relaxation, student-lead programming, and more.