Yoga Poses for Kids: Shark


Welcome to our Summer at the Beach Blog Series.

We’ll be bringing you six (6) poses to keep your kids practicing yoga and mindfulness all Summer long.

Here is a great way to kick off Summer yoga poses with your kids! Start with the adorable Shark yoga pose.

Tip: Encourage your little yogis to NOT overdo it. Just do as much as you can comfortably, and practice makes an improvement over time.

Yoga Poses for Kids: Shark Pose

Pose: Shark
Ages: Appropriate for all ages. For younger kids who may have trouble balancing, they can modify the pose by placing hands on the floor and using one elbow for a shark fin.
Mantra: I am nourished.

How to:

  1. Lay down on your belly with your forehead on the floor and arms by your sides.

  2. Now make a fin! Place your hands on your lower back and make strong fists!

  3. Reach your fists up and away as you lift your head and heart forward and up.

  4. If it feels good, lift your legs into a shark tail! Feel free to get silly and make a shark face!

  5. Release your arms and legs and rest one cheek on the floor.

  6. Have the children listen and repeat the mantra, “I am nourished” several times. Try saying it softer each time.

Using the mantra, “I am nourished”, ties in with the ideas of shark mouth movements and what sharks do in the wild: Eat! So gather the kids and face each other, or if there’s a group, do this in a circle format.

Shark pose is a great way to build stamina and upper body strength in the shoulders and chest.

With the popular kids’ song, “Baby Shark”, it’s a go-to pose for keeping your kids practicing yoga and mindfulness all Summer long!

Play a Shark Game: Shark & Minnows

Whether at the beach, the pool, or at home, kids love the game Shark and Minnows! With the shark (one child who is “it”) in the middle of the pool, lawn or otherwise safe setting, the other kids as the minnow on the parameter. Minnows attempt to get from one safe base to a second without being caught and becoming the shark!

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