Yoga Poses for Kids: Autumn Sequence


Shift into Autumn with this yoga sequence!

Autumn Yoga Sequence for kids

For many, the passage into September means a major shift from Summer to the academic year. That passage is marked by changes of season. Autumn is a beautiful time to experience the world as it shifts from one phase to another. Long days and short nights turn to shorter days and longer nights. Summer days may have been filled with recreation, camp, family, and travel. Now schools days are filled with academics, homework, extracurricular activities, busy schedules, and less free time.

With all the changes, some students and families experience anxiety, stress, and difficulty balancing all they need to do. The yoga sequence we are offering will help yoga practitioners of all ages to feel a deeper sense of balance within.

Try our printable yoga cards for our Autumn sequence.

    1. This five-part yoga sequence is perfect for kids, teens, and adults to do together. Each pose is meant to inspire balance with the changing transition of summer into fall.

    2. Cut each pose and tape or glue onto a 4x6 index card or construction paper.

    3. Optional: Have the goal of being able to self-teach the poses after some practice and eventually to be able to teach others without reading.


  • Tree - I feel steady. I am balanced.
  • Airplane - I am free.
  • Falling Leaf - I am changing.
  • Mountain - I am steady.
  • Downward Facing Dog - I have time for me.

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