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Teacher Spotlight: Stav Livne

September 26, 2016 1 min read

Teacher Spotlight: Stav Livne

Stav Livne

Teacher Spotlight: Stav Livne

Meet Stav, one of our amazing Senior Teachers at Flow and Grow Kids Yoga. She recently started teaching kids yoga at My Tree House LIC and she teaches private yoga for us, too

Fun Fact: Stav who has a background in opera singing and acting had a role in a feature film, Edible Souls! It was filmed back in 2010 and premiered at the NY Film Fest in September.

EDIBLE SOULS is a comedy-drama set in a multiethnic neighborhood in New York City. The protagonist, Tom (Nick Bixby), is gifted a small backyard that he turns into a farm. Though treated as a total creep by the neighbors, his farm slowly begins to transform into a unique oasis for quirky neighbors and friends. Sonia (Stav Livne) is an aspiring singer who works at the Japanese restaurant nearby; she sings opera and jazz throughout the film, befriending Tom's love interest, Lily (Meggy Hai Trang), who abruptly quits working at the Japanese restaurant as the head chef.

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