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by Lara Hocheiser December 30, 2022 2 min read

Tara Brach is a Beacon of Loving Awareness and Daniel Siegel a Fountain of Knowledge

Hi community,

a meditation teacher a psychologist I have followed for years and consider one of my greatest sources of wisdom is Tara Brach. She has for year offered her dharma talks and meditations freely, only asking that those that can afford it provide donations to her meditation center.

 Tara Brach with a lovely dog

Recently I discovered her youtube channel and podcast are enormous sources of wisdom. They contain years of lectures, meditations, and now special guests.

A recent special guest she featured is Dr. Daniel Siegel, who many of us in the mindfulness education world know for his famous books The Whole Brained Child, No Drama Discipline, and The Developing Mind, among others. He recently was featured on Tara's Youtube Channel to discuss his new book Intraconnected.


Attentive, loving listening skills

I found the talk illuminating and inspiring. First of all, the way Tara listens so intently, her pure inner light and love glowing outward, provides a model for how we can truly provide a source of listening presence to those we love and respect.

Second, his excitement in discussing where science and spirituality overlap is beautiful. I love his excitement for the wonder and possibility that there is an energetic field similar to other fields, such as electromagnetic that are observed in trees. These fields may or may not exist amongst and between other beings. That is the theory of being Intra-connected. The theory of oneness may not be so esoteric, after all. 

I have not yet read his book, but I highly recommend their chat found at this link.

Free Resources to Continue Your Lifelong Practices

Tara has a few mediations worth searching for in her repertoire of work. The RAIN of Self Compassion and No Mud No Lotus stand out of that most impactful for me. She has has a smile meditation helping zoom out the field of awareness and allow it to be as a soft smile, like a Buddha's smile.

If you find her talks meaningful and can spare the money, I recommend making a donation so that Tara can continue her work. 

For those of you that teach children, please continue your practice. Seek out teachers and mentors.

Mindful Moments Activity Cards displayed on a pumpkin as a stand

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Yamas and Niyamas Yoga Philosophy Lesson Plan Unit -

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Yamas and Niyamas for Kids Lesson Plan Unit

Mindful Resources From Me To You

I hope these free resources are helpful to you. As Tara does, I have never charged for the blog of resources on this site. I give my teachings to the community because it is my obligation as a teacher.

You can help keep my site going by making purchases of the content, such as the printable mindfulness cards shown above. If you work with or have children, these resources are made for you by me with over 20 years of experience in education and contemplative practices. Thank you. Happiest of new years. 

With love,



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