Sun Salutation for Kids


We created this in response to what kids, teachers, and parents say they need. Regular sun salutations are too hard and not appropriate for children's bodies. Mornings are exhausting. Kids and adults alike need a fun and safe way to wake up! Whether a longtime yogi, or brand new to yoga, this new sequence is designed to allow each person the freedom to move at a comfortable pace. Play with doing it slowly, then quickly, then in the middle! Find a pace you like.

We are excited to share the Sun Salutation sequence with you. It’s has been popular and easily learned across all grades in schools.

Good morning, Sun, and thank you for lighting the world today!

Children will feel present and stress-free as they flow from one pose to another. The benefits of the Sun Salutation include building strength, concentration, memory through repetition of lyrics, and a mnemonic device. 

This activity is safe for anyone 2 and over. The poem for kids pre-K and up. And it is safe for children who don’t have the core strength development required to safely practice planks and low push-ups. You will be amazed at the gracefulness of a child transitioning between these poses. And it's fun!

Wake up happy, healthy, and ready to go with the Sun Salutation sequence. Use this deck at home, school, park, or when traveling!

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