Spring 2021 Flow and Grow Kids Yoga News: Trainings, Conferences, Books, Oh My!


By Kathryn Boland, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga 95-hour Training Graduate and Blog Manager


Spring 2020 Flow and Grow Kids Yoga 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training Cohort


It’s spring again, and there’s new life all around. At Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, a lot is budding and growing! It’s all towards our mission of sharing yoga and mindfulness with kids, youth, families, caregivers and educators in fully inclusive and accessible ways. It’s all supported by deep thought leadership, our own yoga and mindfulness practices, and comprehensive field experience.

Summer and Fall Trainings

Drum roll….we’ve announced our Summer and Fall 2021 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings! Both are virtual, held over Zoom, allowing trainees to join from anywhere. The summer training will take place in the morning and early afternoon EST, and the fall training  on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Can’t make it at those times? You can catch the replay of the sessions at your convenience! 

As with all of our trainings, they’ll consist of eleven signature modules -- learn more about each of them here. Take the whole training, individual modules, or mix and match as best serves you! Payments plans and early bird pricing are available (fifteen early bird spots are available -- first come, first serve!).  

Lara Hocheiser, Founder and Owner of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, leads Flow and Grow Kids Yoga trainings. The first virtual training was in the Spring of 2020, and Lara wasn’t sure how the learning would translate to a virtual format. Yet, over five virtual trainings, she’s found the virtual learning space to be inspiring and an overall wonderful experience. Cohorts have connected in ways that one might not think is possible over Zoom! 

Additionally, everyone who’s graduated from the training have begun to make unique impacts in their communities and beyond -- from ongoing classes (both virtual and in-person) in communities where yoga and mindfulness wasn’t otherwise available, to music and mindfulness offerings, to yoga and mindfulness for young dancers, to family goat yoga. What unique impact could you make with the skills and knowledge from a Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teacher training? Questions? Concerns? Just want to hear more? Book a call with Lara here


Flow and Grow Kids Yoga 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training graduates,
all making their own unique impact!
Conferences and Books

Lara has been hard at work and has many exciting things happening! She’s recently spoken at two different conferences. At the National Kids Yoga Conference, she shared her deep knowledge of yoga philosophy for kids. At Conference21, she discussed teaching kids yoga and mindfulness virtually and shifting to a fully virtual business model over the past year. Lara brings her unique perspective and extensive experience in the field to these presentations (and also to the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga trainings -- see above!). 


Lara Hocheiser, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Founder and Owner


Lara is also a published author! Her book on accessible mindfulness techniques will be available for pre-sale on April 15th, 2021. Lara is just as passionate about and committed to this work as she is knowledgeable about it. She can’t wait to share it all with you!



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