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by Lara Hocheiser April 06, 2021 2 min read

Brittany Stockwell aka The Purple Violinist


Graduates of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teacher trainings have been getting out there in the field soon after graduating -- making impacts how only they can. Brittany Stockwell, aka "The Purple Violinist", is a key example of that trend. We're featuring what she's been up to in the first of a new series of our grads and all of their great work!

Brittany is a classically-trained, professional musician and experienced music educator. She was part of the Spring 2020 Flow and Grow Kids Yoga 95-hour Teacher Training, the first virtual cohort. Soon after graduating, she began teaching virtual Music and Mindfulness classes for kids, teens, and tweens.

For young musicians, her yoga and mindfulness classes enhances musicianship and holistic wellness. For kids without classical music training, the blend of music, mindfulness, and yoga encourages creativity, healthy discipline, and overall positive growth. 

Brittany is offering a virtual Music and Mindfulness camp from August 2nd-5th, 2021, which she describes as offering "a new kind of music appreciation through mindfulness." She notes that the camp is "for every child and not just musicians...whether [a child is] a musician or not, music can have a positive impact on a child's life." The camp is for ages 8-17, and caps at 8 students -- so don't wait on it! For more info (including daily itinerary and pricing) and to register, go here


More on the camp from Brittany: 

"In this camp, students will spend each day learning about music and how it can be a tool to help improve all areas of our lives. We will discuss our favorite type of music to listen to, how we can use music to improve our moods, how music can help us study better and prepare for tests, how music can get us pumped up and ready to work out or play sports, and how music helps us regulate our bodies and minds. 

Each day of camp includes an interactive workshop & lesson, discussions, journaling, and music guided meditations.....The goal of this camp is for students to gain awareness for how music can improve the overall quality of their lives!"


Brittany is also currently offering Virtual Musical Yoga for Kids classes on Tuesday's and Thursday's ages 0-5 -- designed to combine the benefits of early childhood music education as well as early childhood yoga and mindfulness exposure. Benefits include language development, cognitive development, social-emotional learning, and more. Register for one class or the entire Spring session! Learn more and sign up here

It's no accident that Flow and Grow Kids Yoga training graduates like Brittany are making a unique impact, how only they can; in the Business of Kids Yoga Course, one of eleven modules in the 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Teacher Trainer Lara Hocheiser challenges trainees to bring their individual talents, experience, and interests to their work in the field of kids yoga and mindfulness. Take the course independently or as part of the whole 95-hour training!   

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