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by Lara Hocheiser August 28, 2020 3 min read

Are you a parent, educator, clinician, or caregiver who is struggling with self-care?

With all the changes COVID has brought to our collective lives, practicing, modeling, and sustaining self-care practices need to be prioritized. But what does self-care mean and look like now?

Even finding time to reflect right now seems impossible. But as we approach the Fall and kids going back to school, we need to take a moment and realize that the “new normal” we are experiencing does not necessarily have an end date. So what self-care habits can we be practicing now to build and promote resiliency during these uncertain times? What conversations on healthy habits can we be having with the children we love to help them better manage the ups and downs they are currently experiencing? How can we as adults be practicing and providing the necessary tools for ourselves and our children to not only handle the current times but to also thrive despite the craziness? 

Our goal for #selfcaresaturday is to help yourebuild well-being by providing you with tried and proven tools, practices, and activities as our gift to you completely FREE!

Subscribe now to #selfcaresaturday and starting Saturday, September 5th, 2020 you will receive FREE resources & self-care activities via our weekly email newsletter. Altogether these #selfcaresaturday emails offer a framework for self-care routines designed for children and adults! We provide you with a sustainable, flexible care model that pulls from the Flow and Grow Kid Yoga methodology. We will give you easy to do, easy to plan practices for all ages and abilities.

Expect FREE downloads, worksheets, cards, videos, and access to blogs providing you with tools to survive COVID. These tools are especially helpful as our lives are constantly in flux during this new normal. Practicing self-care and mindfulness helps us deal with changes with more ease. 


Why self-care?

Self-care teaches us to be kind to ourselves.

The benefits to both kids and adults are profound: such as increased self-knowledge, confidence, and better decision-making skills. Research suggests that the more we practice self-care, the more confident, creative, and productive we are. Self-care encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can form healthy relationships with others.

What's to come?

What is mindfulness?

Our first #selfcaresaturday email will provide insight on what ‘Little m Mindfulness’ is and how to practice it no matter what you are doing! Imagine responding with neutrality to life’s challenging moments rather than over-reacting. We all know a specific time in our lives when this basic awareness could have benefitted us! Let’s give ourselves and the kids we love that gift! 

Subscribe now!  

Want to learn more about teaching mindfulness & self-care to children? 

Trainings we offer:

The Foundations of Children’s Yoga: (18 hour teacher training) Learn the skills and confidence to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. Our comprehensive training focuses on yoga, mindfulness, and the social-emotional development of children. Graduates will leave our training equipped with new tools to create engaging and captivating yoga experiences for kids of all ages. Graduates receive our comprehensive Kids Yoga Teacher Training PDF manual and a Certificate of Completion.

Integrating Mindfulness into the School Day: This course explores how to practice little m mindfulness. Whether you are working in a school or not, this workshop will help you create a structure around mindfulness, breathing, and self-regulation in your work with children. Take it live online, or catch the replay

Self-Care for Children: In this course, we explore a framework for self-care for children, while examining your own practices. Take it live, or catch the replay!

95-hour Children’s Yoga Teacher TrainingParticipate in 11 unique courses to complete your 95-hour training, or take individual courses as you wish! Register for individual classes or the full training. You must take all 11 courses to become RCYT or a Certified Children's Yoga Teacher. If you can't make the classes live, it's ok. Right now, the Yoga Alliance is allowing live or pre-recorded trainings to count toward contact hours for your 95-Hour Registered Children's Yoga Certification! If you certify that you viewed the classes, you can still use the hours for continued education or toward your 95-hour certificate. Fall cohort begins October 1st!

Products we recommend:

My Body and Caring for Myself

How to Integrate Mindfulness into the School Day

Empowerment Cards and Lesson Plan

Love and Compassion for Teens and Tweens

Time for Me Calming Cards

Mindful Moments Cards

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