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by Lara Hocheiser August 21, 2020 3 min read

So much of what feels hard in COVID times is disconnection; humans were made to be in physical community with others. Yet with adaptability, creative thinking and a positive mindset, we can find connections using technology. Focusing on relationship building is that special ingredient that makes it all really work.

Fostering Connection Online
Even online we can foster values that are key to strengthening the field of kids yoga and mindfulness -- a belief that we do better together, and that there is a place for all of us in this work. We can strengthen each other as a united community. There is so much work to be done to share yoga and mindfulness with every child and every family. We can accomplish so much more in connection than we can in competition. These were just a few nuggets of wisdom that came out of the conversation Lara had with Jessica Mougis. 

Jessica Mougis, Host and Creator of The Kids Yoga Podcast

Both intentional about building community and lifting each other up, Lara and Jessica have a long-standing friendship. Lara Hocheiser has been interviewed by Jessica Mougis on episode 6 and 29 of The Kids Yoga Podcast. In a reciprocal fashion: Lara had a Facebook Live chat with Jessica this week after recording for her second interview on the pod, this time focusing on business and Flow and Grow Kids Yoga's #selfcaresaturday project (read to the end for more on that!). They discussed teaching tools and approaches, supporting each other, how we make it all work in this time, and where kids yoga and mindfulness might be going from here. Tune into the conversations from those links to learn more from them both!

Jessica shared that she has loved and also been overwhelmed by parenting during COVID. Her passion project, The Kids Yoga Podcast, has given her something positive to contribute and focus on. The entire industry is better because of it. She has fostered new friendships and bolstered others in the field of kids yoga through her work. She is a rockstar.

We recommend everyone subscribe and listen to The Kids Yoga Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes air every Thursday. And if you love it, Jessica would love your positive reviews! She’s very approachable, so feel free to reach out to her. We can also build a community around her great show! 


For her part, Lara has made concerted efforts to keep an ongoing conversation with training graduates and to create a community amongst them -- no matter where in the country they are or when they studied with us. For example, there's a Flow and Grow Graduates and Teachers Community Facebook group, where Flow and Grow trained-teachers and others in the community can share tips, resources, great stories, and more -- as well as seek support. The Spring 2020 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training cohort became such good friends that they even made their own smaller Facebook group so that they can keep in touch! Lara has also had in-depth conversations with other kids yoga and mindfulness notables such as Susan Verde, New York Times-award winning author of the I Am series and many other children's books focused on yoga and mindfulness. Lara goes LIVE with someone new each week, so stay tuned! 

Lara and critically-acclaimed children's yoga and mindfulness author Susan Verde


Connecting virtually is no substitute for being in space together, being able to give a hug or practice a partner pose. Yet it allows people from across the country, from various communities, to join together -- to learn, share, and support each other towards being the best they can be. The work of kids yoga and mindfulness is too important for that not to happen, global pandemic or not. Flow and Grow Kids Yoga is committed to keeping mentorship, community, and connections in this work alive and thriving -- now and always.


Want to be part of a community working towards self-care and coming back to balance, along with us Flow and Grow Kids Yoga? Join our #selfcaresaturdays community to receive FREE self-care tips and activities all throughout September! Please share with those whom you think could benefit (...everyone?), so that this community and this important work can make a truly big and meaningful impact. 


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