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by Lara Hocheiser May 14, 2021 4 min read

What does it mean to practice yoga? What does it mean to be a mother? These questions, though seemingly different, have commonalities -- they're both challenging to define, are more about a journey than a concrete destination, and are different for each individual finding the answer for themselves. 

Mother's Day was this past weekend, and we asked for reflections from members of the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga community -- specifically those who are mothers -- on yoga and motherhood. Here are a few reflections that they shared! 

Mary Snow

My first yoga class began over 22 years ago, while pregnant with my first child. I wanted to stay strong and flexible, and to be available for whatever came my way while in labor. Practicing did help, and I never stopped appreciating its value. 

Yoga in motherhood has allowed me to be present, compassionate and flexible with strength, three important pieces to provide balance -- on and off the mat. These invariably carry over when interacting with all the things that pull and push us while caring for our children. Whenever the bowl is dropped, the toe is stubbed, or the silence is interrupted with a siren-song or scream, taking a breath and finding just a little forgiveness makes it easier to maintain calm and focus in the very moment. 

This past year, it’s been so much more difficult to find that space and time to practice, with many souls filling up the house, and schedules filling up the calendar. So I’ll steal a moment to practice in funny places or unusual times. To settle before bed, I might spend a moment in a yin pose or two. I’ve found extra moments to stretch in the shower, or been seen kick-standing my leg while brushing my teeth! Because I’ve had the privilege to work this past year, I’ve found staying consistent in my practice challenging, and have been VERY grateful for all those folks offering online or recorded classes that can be seen at odd hours. 

In the classroom, hours are also limited, so taking a moment or two to practice with the students has provided monumental stress relief to the students and to me! (Having the Flow and Grow materials at my fingertips on my computer has just been a tremendous benefit.)

Now, my child who learned so long ago with Ms. Lara as a preschooler, is a strong and loving teenager. And each time I see her find her breath, or take a pose between Zoom meetings, I’m filled with gratitude that yoga, and of course Lara, brought those elements of compassion, flexibility with strength, and mindfulness into our home as well as the classroom. For decades now, I’ve lived in gratitude for the yoga and motherhood combination. May we all have the chance to experience those elements that intertwine so perfectly.




Lara Hocheiser

Entering the state 

Of parent

Leaving the formal practice of yoga

Dedication to breath, steadiness, study, and poses

Lost in a few excruciating pushes

Surrender to the detachment to practice

Evolving with the new love of child

Mindful living replaces obsessive practice

Breaths with baby

Posture while breastfeeding

Asana in between snuggles

Attitude and ethics sharpen

Inner meditation and concentration grow

With the love for my little love

Motherhood starts with mourning your past self

Ego death

The birth of baby births you anew, mommy

The one that will awaken to the needs and joys of child

Child, greater than guru

Showing you yourself

A mirror

And yet

Something to cherish

Showing yourself love

Showering baby in love

A cycle

Imbalance marks this transition

Newborn receiving all life force energy



A slow recharge of soul backing into mother’s body


Watching her grow

Heart presence

Practice deepens

Even if it’s not as structured

It is as meaningful

Mothers give up a lot to become mom

And yet we gain

Yoga is the health of balancing energy

Motherhood is a test of balance

What can give?

What can be let go?

What can we embrace

While holding gentle and steady?

Inner attitude of kindness

Touching everything mom does

Ahimsa and motherhood

Toward sweet child and self

Toward all others, no judgement 

Each mother and version of this archetype

Doing their best

Mother’s Day 

One day to acknowledge all she does and is

Lifetime with child

every day in the flow of love

A balancing act


Love flows out

And pours in

Energy pours out

Interrupted a million times a minute

Yet so strong she redirects her focus


Staying on task

To love and provide

Meditation makes her humble yet aware

And child

Brings to the forefront her heart-centeredness



Nichole Hunter

Intentionality and genuine response -- these are two values I am always trying to bring forth in my parenting. There are just so many opportunities for me to lose focus, to become caught up in work or other obligations. And it is precisely in those moments that I need to be most mindful. 

Practicing yoga and mindfulness has helped me more intentionally shift my focus throughout my day. I feel it most when I am consistently practicing. Even if it is just a ten minute morning stretch and quick writing prompt. I feel more centered in my approach to the day including how I interact with my children. 

I find this particularly helpful as a homeschooling mother who also works from home. I amwith my kids all day, of course, but incorporating yoga into my day helps me to also be present in the big and small moments. It helps me to better reflect on how I am operating as a parent. Not with criticism but rather sincere contemplation, so I can build upon what works while acknowledging what is not working so that I can move beyond it. 

I am grateful to have such tools available for my benefit and that of my children.



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