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Happy Baby Pose -- getting back to what our bodies need

July 09, 2020 2 min read

Happy Baby Pose -- getting back to what our bodies need

Babies always ask for what their bodies need. Before they have language, we might not always understand what they're asking for -- but they're asking! Adults, and sometimes even children and youth, can learn from them in this regard; we too often deny our bodies what they need (out of focus on other things, social pressures, and many other reasons). Happy Baby Pose is a relaxing, cooling pose that can return us to a baby's playful spirit, one that would never deny its own body's needs. Let's take a closer look at this pose! 


Tips: If the stretch feels too intense, a milder version is to place the bottoms of your feet together to create a diamond shape with your legs. If you want a deeper stretch, holding on the outsides of your feet -- rather than your insteps or your toes -- can bring that.  



 Pose: Happy Baby Pose 

 Ages: all ages 

Mantra: "I am playful." 


 How To

  1. Lay on your back.
  2. Press your whole back of body into the floor.
  3. Then, lift your feet up and place the feet into your hands.
  4. Imagine a baby laying on their back grasping onto their feet by the toes.
  5. Let your knees bend wide, and down toward the floor.
  6. Relax into the pose for three to five breaths -- longer if your body wants that! 
  7. Settle into a final relaxation pose, or continue on with other relaxing poses until you are ready for a final rest.


Exercises with Children 

  • Extend one leg out and then the other, and then re-bend in different sequences -- make a little dance!  
  • As a math integration, ask children what shapes they see in the pose. What new shapes can they make? 
  • Gently roll from one side of your back to the other, like a boat rocking in the water. 
  • Ask children to laugh like happy, playful babies. Can they laugh in different ways -- slow and fast, in deep pitches and low?  



  • Stretches the legs and lower back 
  • Brings relaxation 
  • Cools the body 
  • Encourages playfulness 
  • Encourages listening and responding to the body's needs


Interested in learning more about yoga with young children? Flow and Grow Kids Yoga has many offerings to help you guide you! 

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