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Cat and Cow Pose for Kids - 2023 Edition

by Lara Hocheiser January 05, 2023 3 min read

Cat and Cow Pose for Kids - 2023 Edition

 Cat Cow Pose - Yoga Poses for Kids

In this article learn yoga poses, how to practice them with kid, yoga pose sequences, benefits, and more. Get beautiful free resources and learn about great resources such as links to instructional videos and products like yoga lesson plans for people that work with or have children.

We dive into cat and cow poses for children and adults.

Whether you teach kids yoga, are en educator, or love kids in any capacity, learning to move through life together has many benefits.

Yoga pose sequences like cat cow and the additional pose sequences we provide are a fun way to stay active, learn to breathe, and even improve your digestion!


an orange background, the image shows a child wearing green and blue doing cat pose and beneath another child in the same colored clothing doing cow pose.

Cat and Cow Pose is an asana (pose) yoga class staple -- for both kids and adults. 

By flowing through these two poses, kids have fun with making animal shapes and sounds.

Adults and children enjoy the feeling of connecting breath and movement as they move their spines.

Yogis of all ages can warm up their spines for poses to come with this flow. It also stretches and tones the stomach, arms and legs.

It's a flow the whole family can enjoy and benefit from! 


Poses: Cat and Cow 

Ages: appropriate for all ages 

Mantra: I am flexible.  


 How to do cat and cow pose 

  1. Come to all fours on your hands and knees.
  2. As you inhale, lift your chest and tailbone toward the ceiling.
  3. Let your belly relax towards your mat.
  4. Raise your head up. Press down into your knees and hands so you feel strong and supported.
  5. Optional, hold the pose and say, ‘moo!’
  6. Now round your back, tuck your chin, tail bone down toward the floor and push out all your breath. 
  7. Optional, hold the pose and say "meow"
  8. Repeat to warm up and the spine and feel energy flowing through your body!
  9. Bonus flow: look back at your cat and cow "tails", looking back at your feet from side to side, to stretch out the sides of the body.


cat and cow poses performed by two children. The first is doing cow on hands and k nees and is white skinned with red hair. The next is doing cat on hands and knees with a black pony tail and lightly brown skin.



Benefits of cat and cow pose 

  • Maintain or improve spinal range of motion
  • Good for balance.
  • Helps with digestion and can assist in producing bowel movements.
  • Can be incorporated into a practice at any level of ability by using props such as a large bolster or pillow to support the chest between poses if you need extra rest.
  • Helps coordinate breath with movement. Hint, inhale into cow and exhale out of cat. 

Suggestions for poses to do after cat and cow:

Downward-Facing Pose, Cobra Pose, Shark Pose 

Products containing these poses yoga poses

Purchase the Summer Yoga Lesson Plan - learn shark pose and more! 

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Purchase the Yoga with Dragon little kids yoga sequence - learn Cobra Pose 

 Downward dog - Fall Yoga Sequence Purchase Now

You can find many animal poses in our new book -- "Animal Yoga Adventure"


Another fun yoga sequence - the cozy yoga flow

in front of a purple background a child does cat, cow, and dog yoga poses

How to do the cozy yoga sequence for kids and adults

  1. Inhale to all fours.
  2. Exhale to cat pose, rounding the spine.
  3. Inhale to table pose as you lift your knees and press your hips backward and upward into down dog.
  4. Repeat as many times as you want.
  5. Put your knees down and rest in child's pose.

If you can make time to add yoga sequences such as cat cow to your regular schedule with the kids in your life, you can see positive benefits. Beyond the mental health benefits of slowing down to move and breathe, there are physical benefits.

This study is a great resource to learn how yoga therapy can aide in digestion. 

We found this great video from Yoga with Adrienne featuring cat and cow poses.


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