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by Lara Hocheiser September 20, 2019 3 min read

Hi community! 

Nafeeza here! For those who don’t know me, I am the lead designer and content producer at Flow and Grow Kids Yoga. I wanted to share my perspective with the community and how we develop or amazing resources. 

We are always so moved to bring the power of yoga and mindfulness to children! We are also always looking for ways to improve and update our products.

One day, Lara shared some stories about using our Autumn Yoga Sequenceproduct in the classroom. She told me how much the kids loved the activities and lesson plans. But we felt that there was room for improvement.

So we did just that. We decided to update our Autumn Yoga Sequence products… just in time for the Fall season to start. 

Autumn Yoga Sequence

Why an update?

We made the decision to update this product after using it several times in the classroom. There is no better way of understanding how it works than through experiential learning. 

We realized that there were ways to improve it so that those using it could teach more effectively with a wider-range of activities and improved methodology.

We made it navigate better. This version flows through how you would use it IRL. You can select the activities from any of the sections, or read through it to teach a full class. We also added yoga pose illustrations of our Sun Salutation to make it easier to learn and teach.

We made it more accessible. In one of our classes, we worked with younger yogis and they LOVED our yoga cards with larger images and no text. Some kids learn better visually. Some kids get overwhelmed with lots of text. So we made a version of our cards with no instructions and large illustrations. This is perfect for non-readers or people with special needs. Don’t worry, the instruction version is also included for readers!

We believe in integrating mindfulness. There’s a reason why so many schools are adopting mindfulness practices in the classroom. And the research backs it. Mindfulness cultivates focus, resilience and compassion in children. We added four Fall-themed mindful activities, so you can get kids mindfully thinking about the change in seasons and how it makes them feel.

We believe in promoting creativity. Creativity helps us learn. We designed five coloring pages of our fall yoga poses so little ones can get creative. Get out the crayons and markers and let the expression flow!  

From a design-perspective, matching the methodology with ease of use is so important! We want our products to be intuitive for use, anywhere! We’ve gotten so much feedback from our community using our resources in all settings–yoga studios, classrooms, parties, at home, camps and more. 

The lesson plans can be used to teach a full class or you can do the activities individually. We also included yoga tips and games you can play with your little ones! Each section is designed with YOU in mind so you can spend less time planning and more time teaching what you love.

We are so excited to release this new product, just in time for the first day of Fall! We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear how you are using it! Join our discussion on Facebook!

The new version includes:

  • Yoga Tips: Tips for practicing yoga safely and effectively and yoga games to play with the cards
  • Two versions of the yoga cards: We’ve created two versions–one with instruction and one without. We want our cards to be accessible by everyone, from non-readers to people with special needs to readers.
    • Fall mindfulness activities: Enjoy four fall-themed mindfulness for kids that will teach them about mindfulness in a playful way.
    • Coloring pages: Did you know coloring is a great mindful activity? Kids will love coloring our five brand-new coloring pages featuring our yoga poses so they can learn and color at the same time!
    • Updates to the lesson plans: We’ve made changes to the lesson plans, including more activities and beautifully-illustrated images for our Sun Salutation



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