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by Lara Hocheiser September 10, 2017 2 min read

Mandalas are circles, often found in nature, animals, seasons, food, and geometric shapes. A clock, the bottom of a can, a ring, or even a group of people sitting in a circle is an example of a mandala. Take a walk around your house and you may be surprised at how many mandalas you can find! 

Coloring Mandala Craft

During the practice of yoga, you learn to meditate. Now, sometimes meditation can be difficult because it takes focus. However, mandala meditation is a unique and fun way to meditate while still keeping your fingers busy.


  • 8.5” x 11” White Construction Paper
  • Scraps of colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Coloring Utensils- markers, colored pencils, and/or crayons
  • Single Hole Punch
  • String
  • Arts & Craft Hole Punches (local craft stores have hole punches that make different shapes)
  • Optional- tissue paper, sequins, buttons, glitter, shells, small rocks, ribbon, etc.


  1. To make a circle: Fold the white construction paper in half and then in half again. Fold one of the corners in so that it forms a triangle (similar to folding a paper as if you were making a snowflake). The side directly across from the point of the triangle cut a rounded edge. Unfold the paper and to see the circular shape.
    Note: an adult’s assistance may be needed
  2. To make a pattern: Using the scraps of colored paper cut out different shapes. Not every shape has to be a circle; triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. are just a few examples. Once all the shapes are cut out, glue them down on the white circle, making a pattern.
  3. To finish: If you so choose, use markers, crayons, or colored pencils along with sequins, buttons, glitter, shells, etc. to finish out the mandala pattern. Once you are finished decorating, make a single hole punch along the edge of the mandala and tie a piece of string to hang it up.

By Sara Gottfried

Personally, I love incorporating mandalas into children’s yoga classes! Children are extremely curious and observant of their surroundings and by taking a Mindful Mandala Walk around the house, outside in nature, or even in a store, children will be amazed at the many patterns, shapes, and colors that they come across, which are all examples of mandalas. I use mandalas to facilitate the meditation component of children’s yoga classes. Because it can be difficult for children to lie still for an extended period of time, I give each child a mandala to hold and/or hang a large mandala at the front of the room for all the children to see. This way the children have a spot to focus on and remain still for the moment of meditation.

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