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Yoga Class Games

Yoga game instructions for in-person and online-based learning 

Practice yoga in a fun way with yoga games! This mini teacher’s workbook includes 11 games for small groups that can be played in-person or online. Materials needed are minimal, so you can easily play and teach games! Even in the pandemic with socially distant learning, we can find ways to spread yoga and mindfulness. Each game can be adapted for online learning and we include tips on how to teach yoga to kids online via Zoom or other web conferencing tools.

We include games with the following themes: Movement, Mindfulness, Literacy, and Math.  

Each game includes written instructions on how to play, modifications for online-based learning, tips to teach, worksheets, and benefits of the learning experience. 

Our games are perfect for small groups of kids ages 6-13 and can easily be adapted for high school students. Use these games in your yoga classes, transitions between classes, or brain breaks. This product was built for teachers, yoga teachers, camp counselors, therapists, parents, or anyone who works with kids. 

This PDF includes:

  • 11 games with instructions for in-person and online-based learning
  • Movement, mindfulness, literacy and math games
  • Worksheets for games
  • Tips on how to teach yoga online

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