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by Lara Hocheiser March 28, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

Yoga pose story:

Meet your favorite yoga animals in their habitats! A yoga story you can view on a screen, print, and enjoy over and over!

Poses included: Cat pose, cow pose, turtle pose, tree pose, frog pose, camel pose.

animal yoga adventure book cover
In this adorable story by Lara Hocheiser and Nafeeza Hassan, go on an adventure to meet your favorite yoga animals. The book is a rhyming story that has a memorable repetitious flow. Pose by pose, you meet the animals in their habitats. At the end of the story, learn how to do the yoga poses with pose instructions, activities, crafts, and more! There are breathing and relaxation activities, too! :)
Grab a copy of the printable book to support our shop and promote being active, having fun, and learning!
frog illustrationfrog pose
This printable book can also be easily view from a screen, SmartBoard, or any device. 
cow pose yoga
If you don't know how to do or teach the poses, there are instructions in the book, too! 
Which is your favorite yoga animal pose?
cat pose yogacat pose yoga
The book includes a mindfulness walk, a dice game, journal prompts, multiple crafts (that can be printed for each child!) breathing activities, and more. Learn about animal habitats, trace an image breathing activity, loads of fun, and teacher instructions, too.
flamingo yoga craft activitycat bookmark yoga activity
Which animal pose do your kiddos love the most? Comment to share :)

Grab your copy here!

Watch a yoga animal story

 Benefits of kids yoga stories

Animal Yoga Adventure:

  • encourages movement
  • encourages playfulness
  • improves literacy skills
  • gamifies learning
  • predictable repetition helps early readers
  • illustrations teach postures

BONUS CONTENT: Glimpses into the book:

  • activities
  • instructions
  • illustrations
  • affirmations

How to do cat pose:

cat pose yoga

Mantra "I flow freely."

1. From all fours, table top position,
exhale all of your breath out.
2. As you breathe out, round your
spine toward the ceiling.
3. Tuck your chin.
4. Pull your belly button in toward your
spine, gently.

How to do camel pose:

camel yoga pose

Mantra "I am adaptable."

1. Kneel down with knees hip distance
2. Rest your hands on your lower back.
Lengthen your spine.
3. Slowly lean back into a back bend.
4. Reach your hands back one at a time,
grabbing your heels. If you cannot
reach that far, keep your hands on your
back or leg.
5. Hold the pose and take a few breaths.
*If you are having trouble reaching the back
of your feet, try using a pillow or yoga block

Adaptable Animals: Think about the ways camels have adapted to their
habitat, the desert. What would we need to live in the desert?


Grab your copy of animal yoga adventure

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Marjorie Benavides Rojas
Marjorie Benavides Rojas

April 10, 2023

Hello friend, quisiera las cartas de yoga

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